Electric scooters:

As the world is advancing towards fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles the urban commuting style is also changing. People are prefering scooters than bikes for several reasons.

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Firstly,Scooters can be manouvered easily in urban lanes and turns, secondly,one can use them to carry shopping bags and there is no lack of cargo space, thirdly, a single scooter is enough for both the male and the female partner as today’s scooters have unisex styles.

It is the transition time to change your foul smelling bike or scooter to a new green electric scooter.

Electric scooters are newer and more stylish

Indian E Scooter market:

There has been seen a rapid growth in the use of electric two wheelers in the recent years in India. Most of the sold two wheelers are scooters and manufacturers are also concentrating on cities and towns for transition of the first phase from fossil fuel to electric scooters at the mass level.

The SMEV (Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles) in a recent report has informed that the sales of electric two-wheelers in India has gone up to 132% in 2021 and is expected to increase more in the coming days.To specify the numbers, a total of 233,971 electric two-wheelers were bought in India during the year 2021 as compared to 100,736 in the year 2020.It ushers hope for the environment lovers that Indian E-Scooter Market is turning green.

New startups are building for e scooters

Indian two wheeler market is divided unofficially into mainly three sections, Low speed scooters,City speed Scooters and High speed Electric bikes. We are discussing here mainly about the E-Scooters that have Low speed and City speed together in the same section and High speed in another.

Low speed E Scooters:

Initially people were disinterested in the transition to E scooters primarily for their low speed. Though now we have both high speed and low speed electric scooters in the Indian market but low speed scooters have some advantages too.Low-speed electric scooters that run at under 25kmph of speed require no licence or registration. So buying these need no complex process and there are no need to worry about papers related to registration,licence,road tax etc.

Moreover We can trust the elder members of our houses like grandfathers and fathers and mothers and even the under 18 members who haven’t got yet a two wheeler licence to run these two wheelers without any legal hassle as well as without fearing for high speed related worries on the roads. Besides they are quite lighter in comparison to bikes and regular scooters and are economical too as they don’t need high power batteries.

Scooters are also becoming smarter

According to SMEV, low-speed electric two-wheelers were in demand until 2020, when they accounted for 70% of sales. However, interest waned in 2021, especially in the October-December quarter when their market share dropped to less than 15%.

This happened mostly for two reasons firstly, the introduction of high speed electric scooters in the Indian market provided more freedom and choice for the buyers; secondly, the subsidies given to high-speed electric two-wheelers under the FAME 2 policy by the Govt, that made high speed two wheelers more affordable than low-speed counterparts.

FAME 2 or Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles in India is an incentive-based scheme by the government of India aimed at encouraging the common people to buy more Electric Vehicles at subsidised rate. This scheme is applicable to four wheelers as well.

Scooters are becoming more urbane than bikes

High Speed E Scooters:

Electric scooters were not a very interesting choice to the young riders in India in it’s earlier days mainly because of their speed.The first generation electric scooters in India were quite on the weaker side regarding to both style and speed. They never looked muscular or trendy and only people who are ready to compensate on style look and speed bought those electric scooters.

But the time has changed with the introduction of different entrepreneurs and big players ready to play in the electric scooter segment. They are never leaving any stone unturned to produce electric scooters more attractive, feature rich and full of performance.

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There is a huge market in the urban commuting areas among the Youths that are looking for high speed ,trendy and zero emission daily commuting two wheelers and the competition is to take them into trust.

Brands like Ather and Ola paved the way that makes possible for other big players like Hero and Bajaj or TVS to do serious things for the style and environment aware Youths. The range champions like Okinawa and Simple One are also well known brands in the high speed electric scooter race. Though high speed scooters require a full license, they registered a whopping 425% growth in the sales , while the low-speed ones grew only by 24% that clearly shows the Indian mandate towards high speed Electric Scooters.

Low Speed and City Speed Scooters:

No need to have Licence and No need to get registration if speed is under 25, Easy on pocket and Safer for low speed. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Flash Lx from Hero Electric

Hero Electric FlashLx and Optima Hx:

Optima Hx has both single and dual battery option

Price: Flash Approx ₹ 47,000 to 60,000 and Optima approx ₹ 56,000 to 67,500 ex showroom after FAME II subsidy.(depends upon variants)

Speed: Flash 25 kmph max. Optima 42 kmph max.

Range: Flash 50 km to 85 km /charge. Optima HX 82 km to 122 km max./ charge (depends upon variants)

Full Charging Time: 4 to 5 hours.

Features: Basic scooters with Combi brake, Mobile charging point.Optima HX has dual batteries.

Hero Photon HX:

Hero Photon HX has gold colour option

Price: ₹ 74,240 ex showroom after FAME II subsidy.

Speed: 45 kmph max.

Range: 90 km max.

Full Charging Time: 5 hours.

Features: Two shades Black and gold.Digital instruments cluster ,remote lock,Anti theft alarm.

Detel Easy Plus:

Detel has two colour variant red and grey

Price: ₹ 49,999 ex showroom after FAME II subsidy.

speed: 25 kmph max.

Range: 60 km max.

Full Charging Time: 3 to 4 hrs.

Features: Basic scooter with tubeless tyres.

Pure EV Epluto and Epluto 7G:

E pluto 7G has six colour variants

Price: Epluto ₹ 74,999 and Epluto7G ₹ 86,999 ex showroom after FAME II subsidy.

Speed: E Pluto 25 kmph and Epluto7G 60kmph max.

Range: Epluto 80 km and Epluto7G 120 km max.

Full Charging Time: 3 to 4 hrs .

Features: 7G model has wide LCD screen and multi speed mode. Six colour variants including Stripling yellow, Electron blue, Active grey.

Okhi i Praise+:

IPraise plus is a feature rich green scooter

Price: Approx₹ 1,05,990 ex showroom after FAME II subsidy.

Speed: 58 kmph max.

Range: 139 km max.

Full Charging Time: Approx 5 hrs.

Features: ABS with tubeless tyres, Regenerative braking,GPS, Anti theft, Geo fencing,

Key-less Remote, Automatic Key Locking System, Parking Mode, Digitally informative Speedometer
with detailed Battery Voltage Information, Mobile charging USB port, Real-Time Asset Tracking with GPS, Find my device, Driver Behavior, Anti-theft Alarm.

( All prices shown are ex showroom for Delhi NCR, for scooters having speed more than 25 kmph, RTO, Insurance and Registration Charges will be extra)

High Speed Electric Scooters:

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Know exclusive about high speed electric motorbikes

Ather 450 plus and 450X:

Ather 450X Mint Green

Price: 131,647 for 450 plus and 150,657 for 450X after Govt. Subsidy.

Speed: 80 kmph max.

Range: 100 km for 450 Plus and 116 km for 450X (Indian drive cycle)

Full Charging Time: 5 hr 45 .

Features: Reverse parking assist, 7 inch Touchscreen dashboard, GPS, bluetooth, 4G ,Gnass with AGPS, onboard navigation, tyre pressure monitor, side stand sensor, guide me home lights.Fast charge.

Comes in Space grey,White and Mint green

Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro:

Ola comes with Matt and glossy version

Price:. ₹ 99.999 for S1 and ₹ 1,29,999 max. for S1Pro after Govt. Subsidy.

Speed: 90 kmph max for S1 and 115 kmph for S1 Pro

Range: 121 km max for S1 and 135 km Truerange or S1 Pro

Full Charging Time: Approx 5 hrs for S1 and 6.5 hrs for S1 Pro .

Features: S1 Pro has Cruise control,Voice assistance,Hill hold and is available in 10 stunning colours whereas S1 is available in 5 colours. Both has Reverse features.Fast charge.

Simple One:

Simple One

Price: Starting at ₹ 1,09,999 to ₹ 1,44,999 for top variant

Speed: 105 kmph max.

Range: 236 km max.

Charging Time: 80 percent in 2.45 hrs.

Features: Full customisable 7 inch touchscreen,Bluetooth,4G with Geo fencing,Tubeless tyres, tyre pressure monitoring, regenerative braking.Fast charge.

Okhi 90

Feature rich Okhi 90

Price: Approx. ₹ 121,866 after Govt. Subsidy.

Speed: 80 to 90 kmph

Range: 160 km max.

Full Charging Time: 4 hrs max.

Features: Daytime running lights, key-less Remote, Automatic Key Locking System,
Parking Mode, Digitally informative Speedometer
with detailed Battery Voltage Information, Mobile charging USB port, Real-Time Asset Tracking with GPS, Find my device, Driver Behavior, Anti-theft Alarm. Comes in red,blue,grey and white colours.Fast charge.

Bounce Infinity E1:

Battery subscription is available with E1

Price: Approx.₹ 76,321 with battery pack after Govt. Subsidy.

Speed: 65 km

Range: 85 km

Full Charging Time: 4 hrs

Features: Swappable battery, Remote tracking, geo-fencing, drag mode, reverse mode, cruise control, anti-theft mechanism, and tow alert. Fast charge.


TVS i Qube standard

Price: Approx ₹ 1,15,000 plus ₹ 8,250 for the charger after Govt. Subsidy.

Speed: 78 kmph max

Range: 75 km max.

Full Charging Time: 5 hrs .

Features: Reverse mode, regenerative braking, odometer,led taillights.

Bajaj Chetak Electric:

Chetak is revived in Electric

Price: Approx. ₹ 1,40,000 to ₹ 1,43,000 depending upon variants after Govt. Subsidy.

Speed: 70kmph max.

Range: 90 km max.

Full Charging Time: 5 hrs.

Features: Reverse assist mode, regenerative braking and an onboard Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) to control charge and discharge seamlessly.Fast charge.

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