LML has an era of nostalgia

Lohia Machinary Limited, the erstpopular as LML with it’s iconic scooter in India in our childhood days, always lingers with a nostalgic memory. The brand is going to be back again with it’s electric avatar soon on Indian roads. It’s a news I am delightedly following with. Revival of old memories are always welcome.

LML Electric:

Dr. Yogesh Bhatia,CEO LML Electric

LML has confirmed their entry in the EV two wheeler segment with a scooter that is to be named as ‘LML Electric’. Dr. Yogesh Bhatia,the MD and CEO of LML Electric reveals that their company is developing strategies on production and soon will launch a ‘disruptive product for the upper middle and urban segments of the society ‘.

Though no specific detail of the upcoming two wheeler has been revealed, it is for sure that it will be armed with cutting edge technology to compete with the contemporary players in the EV two wheeler segment ranging from bikes, scooters and motorcycles.

LML Legacy:

LML Supreme scooter

LML Ltd. as a brand was first launched in 1972 as Lohia Machineries Ltd. based in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh). It used to deal in spares and machine parts first for synthetic fibre industry and automobile parts in their manufacturing facilities at Kanpur in UP.

It became a public limited company in 1978. Later in the year 1984 it joined with Vespa Piaggio of Italy and incorporated with a new name as Vespa Car Company and started producing three wheelers mainly.

LML Vespa has become a classic

But the fame rises when it launched two scooters in the year 1986 named as LML Vespa. The first two models were immensely popular probably named as LML alfa and LML NV3.

Then in 1993 it launched another scooter named LML Select and in 1995 launched LML Supremo and LML Star. My uncle owned the Supremo and we cousins had great memories sitting on it and playing riders at the yard on that stationed scooter.

LML Adreno motorcycle

In the year 2001, LML launched their motorbikes names LML Adreno and LML Energy. In 2002 the first 110 cc deluxe LML Freedom was launched and shook the nation literally with it’s multiple colours. BBC World Wheels awarded Freedom as the best motorcycle brand in the price range under ₹ 45,000 then. Some of our friends owned Adreno and most owned Freedom.

Freedom also had different variants named Freedom Prima and Freedom Topper in 110 cc and 125 cc. that were launched in 2004. In the year 2005 also LML launched a motorcycle named CRD 100 but was not so popular.

Mr. Shahrukh Khan in an LML freedom ad

But after that the name LML was never so much seen on the roads. Being a two wheeler enthusiast I eagerly followed for LML name but was disheartened. I heard that in 2011 the new LML NV 4 stroke was launched in select cities but never seen in my area. I later heard that LML Ltd. has been ordered for liquidation in 2018 by NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal).

LML Aquisition:

LML has become LML Electric

In the year 2021 SGCM (SG corporate mobility) , acquired the brand LML and rebranded it as LML Electric. SGCM also owns the two wheeler brand Detel. SGSM plans to focus on tier 2 and tier 3 cities with the Detel brand and premium and urban mobility with the LML brand. They will be emphasizing on 100% localised materials and products of India to produce state of the art Electric two wheelers to compete with brands like Hero Electric, Ather, Okinawa Ola etc.

LML scooter still running in 2022

LML Investment for EVs:

The company is supposedly investing more than ₹ 1,000 Crore over the next couple of years and has gone into a strategic partnership with Saera Electric Auto. Saera Electric formerly manufactured Harley- Davidson in India and LML is going to manufacture their products from the plants of Saera Auto in Bawal of Haryana.

LML is also in liaison with some of the important technological partners for developing a new line up of two wheelers for the transition ready Indian market. They are planning to launch themselves as a fully ‘make in India’ company by 2025. It’s heard that LML is going to have partnership with German farm eRockit and the Italian farm SPM Engineering for product optimisation.

Three New Models:

Image for reference only

LML will be re- entering into the Indian market with their Three (3) new models of two wheelers at first. The first of them or all the three of them are supposed to be launched at the end of September, 2022 , probably on the 50th anniversary of LML which is 29th September. The brand logo will also be changed and optimised for EV theme,as it seems. LML has kept all the specific details about the launch very secret to surprise Indian fans.

German eROCKIT human hybrid

Among the three two wheelers, there will be a scooter, a motorcycle and a hyperbike based on German eRockit EV. LML also plans to adopt battery swapping technology for it’s EVs and will be emphasizing on the launch of a performance oriented electric motorcycle by the year 2024.

LML Electric Competition:

LML will be facing a great competition ahead

LML Electric is planning to play aggressive in the Indian market as it has got many competitors already. Adopting Battery Swapping technology and setting up battery swapping stations in different parts of the country is also among it’s next venture. To become a prominent player in the EV market it is not enough to produce only electric two wheelers as India has already got brands like HEROelectric, Ather, Ola, Bajaj ,TVS, Komaki, Okinawa.

As days are progressing, many new brands are coming up with new two wheelers as Indian market has a huge promise of Electric transition. Hero Electric has already collaborated with Mahindra group. Hero Motocorp has owned some parts of Ather and many new international players also may come into the booming EV market in India.

LML Electric Future:

Many people are waiting for LML launch

The MD and CEO of LML Electric has pointed out that they have no plan to produce low cost and low speed electric two wheelers as there are many already in the market. Mr.Yogesh Bhatia clarifies ” We will offer premium products with unique and smart features but at a price that will simply make our customers go wow. Despite the high-value equation our customers can expect new age and smart technologies as EV for us is not just Electric Vehicles but ‘Empowered Vehicle’.

image for representation only

The Bawal plant of Haryana has a huge production capacity of about Eighteen thousand complete units per month which is spread over Two lakh square feet of area all over. Saera Electric has also experience and expertise of world class auto brands.And furthermore the vision of LML Electric is also clear as Mr Bhatia emphasizes that they want to ” redefine and re-imagine the future of EV manufacturing in India to bring the country at par with global manufacturing standards”

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