Nexon EV Max is the more advanced version of Tata Nexon EV. When is it launching? How it is different from old Nexon EV? What are it’s specialities? What are the 3 generation of Electric Cars? What are the upcoming electric cars of Tata?

Tata Nexon EV:

Nexon is the first electric car by Tata Motors

New Nexon EV MAX:

Tata Motors’ first electric vehicle launched in India was Tata Nexon EV that has become immensely popular among the fans and critics alike. . Nexon EV is TPEM (Tata Passenger Electric Mobility) gen-1 car that focuses on the Swift transition from ICE ( Internal Combustion Engine) cars to EVs ( Electric Vehicles). Tata is launching a more powerful and better version of Nexon EV on the 11th May, 2022. Let’s take a look.

The new Nexon EV 2022 in it’s look is similar to the old Nexon EV, but in various aspects of power and performance,it is better and advanced.On the exterior the wheels look different. In the interior the Gear Selector will have a chrome finish now with an illuminated dial ans also will be added an extra ‘Park’ mode.

The new Drive Selector ( courtesy: overdrive)

New Powerful Battery:

New Nexon EV has a larger battery

The new Nexon EV now has a more powerful battery. Powered with Ziptron technology of Tata Motors, the Lithium-ion battery of the new Nexon EV gets bigger with 40 kWh power. The earlier Nexon EV has 30.2 kWh battery which was the smaller and cheaper and also giving a lower range. The charger is also upgraded to 6.6 kWh AC from 3.3 kWh AC to provide a super fast charging to the car.

More Range with More Power:

Nexon gets longer range for outstation trips

More power gives more range. The new Nexon EV gives a ARAI certified range of 437 kms while it shall be able to give a range of 400 km in a single charge in real life road situation. The earlier Nexon gives a range of about 220 kms in the real world and is a cheaper alternative for people who do not need high range. Now one has options to select between the two Nexons. The more price You pay, the longer range You get if You want.

Advanced Adjustable Regenerative Braking:

The new Nexon EV has more better and advanced features

There are some advanced features introduced in the new Nexon EV that matches to the cutting edge connectivity and comfort. As Technology is advancing day by day, the new cars will be more benefitted through IoT (Internet of Things) , voice assisted commands and AI ( Artificial intelligence). The new Nexon EV will have advanced and adjusted regenerative braking feature that will enable the car driver to adjust the intensity of Regenerative Braking which in turn will recharge the battery with more efficiency. The new Nexon will have selectable Regenerative Mode.

More Smart Nexon EV:

The new Nexon EV is smarter now

The new Nexon EV has a smart feature named ESP ( Electronic Stability Program). Now the Advanced Nexon EV will have an air purifier in built to clean the inside air and giving a purifying experience. The front seats will be ventilated now to provide refreshing travel experience. There will be cruise control system in it.

Future EVs by Tata:

Tata Motors is very active as well as ambitious to capture the Indian EV market. It is investing about Fifteen thousand Crores in the EV segment in the next Five years. The Managing Director of TPEM, Mr. Shailesh Chandra disclosed that ” We are going to work on nearly 10 products with different kind of body styles , price, driving range options”. He also emphasized on the need of charging facilities around the country and TATA’s commitment related to it.

Curvv is a gen-2 EV from Tata

As the government of India has plan to convert around it’s 30% of all the vehicles into EVs by the year 2030, Tata will take this chance to capture the Indian EV market before any foreign players comes into action due to it’s high reliability and appeal to the Indian masses. TPEM wants to open choices to the customers to buy their electric vehicles according to their budgets, ranging from sub- 10 lakh to more than 20 lakhs which will be decided later. Tata has already launched their concept version of gen-2 and gen-3 Electric Cars which are expected to be seen on Indian roads by 2025.

Avinya is a gen-3 car from Tata

Tata is backed by a billion dollar funding from TPG Capital to enhance electric mobility to a new standard not only in India but across globally.Tata has plans to produce more than Fifty Thousand Electric cars in the fiscal year April-2022 to March-2023, which will be increased more in the coming years.

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When is Nexon EV Max launching?

Tata Nexon EV Max is launching on 11th May,2022.

How is Nexon EV Max different?

The look is almost the same .Tata Nexon EV Max has more powerful battery with more range basically. It is expected to give about 400 kms range in a single charge. There are also some advanced features introduced in it.

What are the 3 generation of Electric cars ?

Tata has conceived the concept of 3 generation of Electric cars. Gen- 1: Tata Nexon EV, Tata Tigor EV . Gen-2: Tata CURVV and Gen-3: Tata Avinya.

What are the upcoming Electric cars from Tata?

The upcoming electric car from Tata is supposed to be Tata Altroz EV. Whereas TATA CURVV and TATA AVINYA are concepted and will take a couple of years to launch.

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