VW ID Buzz is the talk of the town

German carmaker Volkswagen is quite a familiar name all over the world today. The Volkswagen group is the owner of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Bentley brands under their umbrella. Apart from the iconic Audi logo, VW logo particularly is my favourite. Well, I don’t know whether it’s because W sometimes stands for Women also. But no joke, Volkswagen has been really serious about environmental issues and trying to move to the world of more and more sustainability through their EVs.

They are expecting to grow their 25% of sales through EV by the year 2026. It’s really commendable that VW is taking the EV revolution towards a new direction with blending the classic styles with futuristic features and their latest EV microbus VW ID. Buzz is the proof of this.

The VW ID. Buzz:

Plan a family holiday trip with Buzz.

Though VW has planned to go on sale of their microbus later from 2022 only in Europe, as they says, it has become an object of high talk already because of it’s cool look. The production ready version has been launched and at the first watch seems to be the revival of the erstpopular VW microbus. But unlike the old and fuel ignited family minivan, the new one is all Electric and cool as no EVs has looked like such before.

The new Buzz is just like the old.

The VW microbus was literally a cultural icon with it’s little sister model VW Beetle once.Officially the microbus was known as Volkswagen T1 or Transporter. It was inevitable mode of personal transport for holidays or trips for large families .But in America it became popular with the rise of Hippie movement of the 60s and 70s.

VW ID.Buzz cargo van

The VW ID. Buzz is expected to be launched in the US markets from 2024 for sale, as it seems.VW ID. Buzz will also be launching Buzz cargo which will be enabled with fully autonomous driving capabilities.


Top Gear Electric Award:

VW ID Buzz wins the Top Gear award 2022

Volkswagen has already grabbed the Top Gear Electric award for ID. Buzz and it’s no wonder that this is going to be the coolest thing on the road on a holiday trip. The judges have praised the minivan to retain the iconic design, innovating a spacious interior and driving capabilities with it’s all Electric futuristic stance.

The fully self driven version will also be there

According to the company “The all-electric model, built on the unique DNA of the legendary T1 camper van, delivers maximum space, flexibility and cutting-edge technology. An innovative interior combined with excellent manoeuvrability means the ID. Buzz is ready to accompany you on any adventure.

The Outside:

The basic old look is staying

The VW ID Buzz has retained the old look of the minibus as it’s tribute to the old classic bus. Many elements are identical. It has short front and rear ‘overhangs’, the distance between the length of the wheels, the body end very close to the rear wheels part and the overall shape are quite identical to the old hippievan. The length of the van is 185.5 inch (4,712 mm) and width is 78.1 inch(1,985 mm) with height of 76.3 inch (1,937 mm). The cargo version will be slightly different.

Front grille and headlamp of Buzz

The front grille though is refigured out for a contemporary look lower just at the front bumper and the air vents are made larger that is typically expected from EVs. The headlamps merge at the side with the sidelights with quite a clever design.The overall shape is boxy but there are sharp angles. The rear LEDs are beautifully set both at rear side extending. The charging vent is kept up at the rear wheels to look like fuel tank mouth. The overhang at the rear makes it look outstandingly stylish.

The rear overhanging of Buzz

The microbus clearly shows VW’s intention to project it as a MEB (Modularer E-Antrienbs Baukasten or Modular Electric Drive toolkit) with it’s modular all Electric architecture. It has been made keeping in mind particularly for families or groups.

Colour Options:

The dual Colour tone of lemon and off white colour particularly resembles the old nostalgic minivan. It will be available in 11 colour variants.

  • Candy White
  • Lime yellow metallic
  • Mono Silver metallic
  • Starlight Blue metallic
  • Energetic Orange metallic
  • Bay Leaf Green metallic
  • Deep Black pearl-effect
  • Candy White/Lime Yellow metaillic (dual-tone)
  • Candy White/Starlight Blue metaillic (dual-tone)
  • Candy White/Energetic Orange metaillic (dual-tone)
  • Candy White/Bay Leaf Green metaillic (dual-tone)

The Inside:

The dashboard features cool statement

The inside of the Buzz has similar features to it’s ID.4 SUV. The gear selection knob is behind the steering. There is a light bar that runs just underneath the windshield that uses colour to communicate to the driver. The cluster is rectangular.There is a 10 inch navigation -entertainment touchscreen which can be opted for 12 inch as upgrade. The completely removable and movable center console to turn into a multifunctional box is VWs clear stress on modularity.

The inside is truely spacious

The upholstery and all the interiors avoid leather and is of recycled plastic which is sourced from ocean plastic and PET bottles sounds truely sustainable.

The vehicle is spacious,without any doubt.The space for cargo even with 5 occupants is 1121 litres and if the second row bench is folded down it increases to a 2205 liters of huge space.

Battery and Range:

The charging port can be seen at both sides

Now the most concerned feature for an EV is it’s range and battery along with the top Speed.

VW ID. Buzz does not dishearten. With a battery pack of max. 81 kWh of energy capacity that powers a rear axle motor of 201 HP it gives a top Speed of 145 kmph. The range is a decent maximum 480 kms as expected. The charging power for an AC charger is 11 kW and at the DC charging stations it increases to 170 kW. VW also claims of fast charging of upto 80% in just 30 minutes. As it seems, it will not be a reason for Range Anxiety if the family is on holiday with a decent speed, range and fast charging.

The European version also offers a bi directional charging. The ports in the vehicle support VWs purpose to use the minivan as a power source for the home in case of emergency or for the tents put outside on a holiday.

Buzz is meant for holidays

The Price:

Though Volkswagen hasn’t disclosed the price of the to be sold EV, it seems that it will be around € 60,000 Euros in Europe and about $ 45,000 in the North America . If launched in India,it will be more than ₹ 35 lakh for sure.

The Future ID Buzz.

The ID. Buzz is supposed to have the performance and efficacy of Volkswagen’s best engineering and technical experiences along with sustainability exercises.It will be armed with autonomous driving by 2030, it has been using organic paints, recycled materials as much as possible and even at the end of battery life cycle,VW is committed to prepare the battery pack of the ID. Buzz for a second use. What will be more gratifying than taking it for a long weekend along with You and Your children to whisper with the bees and butterflies that pass You on Your way!

The ID Buzz as a cool camper

To know more about ID. Buzz, You can follow VW special page for ID.BUZZ HERE.

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