We are a family that believes that the world is also a bigger family. A family exists and grows with trust and love and care for each other. We care for the mother Earth and what are coming or being created here. Sustainable living and Electric vehicles are also a part of this.

I am Dipti Dutta Das, an Indian Bengalee housemaker in her thirties and a mother of two. My daughter is in her 8th year and the son is only 8 months old. I love cooking and singing and gardening and loving my husband though hardly find time for those Yet me and my husband Amitava are searching ways for sharing solutions that will create a greener and cleaner mother Earth.

Wheels are the base of human civilization’s growth. From the wooden log wheels used in the first cart that moved on the earth to wheels that helped growing agricultural machines and sped up the advancement of the civilization to wheels that are being innovated and recreated every moment just like the wheels that move a clock from the present to the future.

This blog is our tribute to that growth what we call as Sustainability Living, in every way possible.