A sustainability geek has to face many real life hardships.These problems of sustainability are the challenges that we must overcome with unity and commitment to sustainability..

Today’s world faces mounting environmental challenges, and the need for sustainability has never been greater than ever. For those who are passionate about sustainability and committed to making a difference, it can be a challenging task to navigate in the real world. A sustainability geek, someone who is passionate about reducing their carbon footprint and living a more sustainable lifestyle, faces numerous challenges in the real world. Despite their good intentions, they often encounter a range of problems that can make it difficult to stay true to their values. Let’s discuss some of the challenges faced by a sustainability geek in the real world and offer potential solutions.

Limited resources:

One of the biggest challenges facing sustainability enthusiasts is a lack of resources. Whether it’s time, money, or access to the right materials and tools, sustainability can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Many people simply don’t have the resources to live a fully sustainable lifestyle, and this can be discouraging for those who are passionate about the cause.

YOUR SOLUTION: While resources can be limited, there are still ways to make a difference. Start by focusing on small changes that can be made with minimal resources, such as reducing energy consumption or waste. Joining a community organization or finding like-minded individuals can also help you to pool resources and collaborate on projects that benefit the environment. Tell others about the small steps like saving water can make big changes in the long run.

Problems of sustainability
Sustainability living

Expensive Sustainable Products:

While sustainable products and services may be better for the environment, they are often more expensive than their non-sustainable counterparts. This can make it difficult for people on a limited budget to fully embrace sustainable living.The cost of sustainable products and services is still not very less to ignore for middle class people.

YOUR SOLUTION: Sustainability geeks can focus on finding ways to make sustainable living more affordable. This could involve seeking out deals and discounts on sustainable products, making sustainable choices that save money in the long run. Changing one product to another and try trial and error may give You a better idea about product quality and cost.

Sustainability is a long term goal

Resistance to change:

Another problem that sustainability geeks face is resistance to change. Many people are resistant to making changes to their daily routines, even if it means reducing their environmental impact. This resistance can be frustrating for those who are passionate about sustainability, as it can feel like their efforts are going to waste.

YOUR SOLUTION: The key to overcoming resistance to change is education. By educating people on the importance of sustainability and the benefits of making small changes, you can help to shift their mindset and encourage them to make more sustainable choices. Start by having conversations with friends and family members, and consider volunteering or working with community organizations to spread the message of sustainability. Help them to start small changes in lifestyle that will create a habit and zeal for sustainability later on.

Lack of Support:

Sustainability enthusiasts may also face the challenge of a lack of government support and local community. Despite growing public concern about the environment, many governments around the world are slow to implement policies that promote sustainability. This can be frustrating. The lack of infrastructure and support for sustainable living in the communities can make it difficult to fully embrace sustainable practices. For people who are passionate about sustainability, it can feel like their efforts are being undermined by a lack of support from those around You.

YOUR SOLUTION: While it can be difficult to influence government policy, there are still ways to make a difference. Consider joining or supporting organizations that lobby for sustainable policies, and use your voice to advocate for change. You can also vote for politicians who prioritize sustainability and encourage others to do the same. Sustainability geeks can become involved in their local administration or government and advocate for sustainable policies and initiatives. This could involve attending town hall meetings, contacting local officials, or joining a sustainability-focused group in the community.

Sometimes You have to sail alone

Lack of awareness:

One of the biggest challenges facing sustainability geeks is a lack of awareness. Despite growing concern about the environment, many people are still unaware of the severity of the challenges we face and the impact of their actions on the environment. This can be a frustrating problem for those who are passionate about sustainability, as it can feel like their efforts are not making a difference.

YOUR SOLUTION: Education is key to raising awareness about environmental issues. Start by having conversations with friends and family members, and consider volunteering or working with community organizations to spread the message of sustainability. You can also use social media and other digital platforms to share information and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Sustainability is a balancing act


There are many dishonest traders who trade sustainability emotion with non sustainable products. Greenwashing is a term used to describe companies that use misleading marketing to make their products appear more environmentally friendly than they actually are. This can be a frustrating problem for sustainability enthusiasts, as it can be difficult to tell which products are truly sustainable and which are not.

YOUR SOLUTION: The best way to avoid greenwashing is to do your research. Look for third-party certifications or labels that indicate a product’s sustainability credentials, and research the company’s sustainability practices before making a purchase. You can also support companies that are transparent about their sustainability practices and hold them accountable for their actions.

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Balancing Lifestyle:

Balancing with a sustainable lifestyle with daily life can be challenging for many sustainability enthusiasts. They may want to use public transport, but it may not be practical for their daily commute. Alternatively, they may want to eat locally sourced food, but it may be more expensive than buying from a grocery store. Such type of problems and confusions are common.

YOUR SOLUTION: Balancing is very important in every sphere of life. One can try to carpool or bike to work, reducing their carbon footprint while also getting exercise. Planning earlier can be very helpful in these cases. You can also try to buy locally sourced food when possible or grow Your vegetables, reducing the dependence on commercial farming. The key is to find sustainable solutions that work for Your lifestyle and it can vary from a person to another.

Think of the rewards of sustainable living


One of the biggest challenges faced by sustainability geeks is the sense of overwhelm and helplessness that can come from the enormity of the sustainability challenge. Climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation are complex problems that require large-scale action and change. It can be easy for sustainability geeks to feel like their individual efforts are too small to make a difference.

YOUR SOLUTION: Never think You are alone. Focus on the positive impact that Your individual action can have. Every small change counts, and each sustainable choice can inspire others to do the same. Sustainability geeks can also find support and inspiration from like-minded individuals and organizations, both locally and globally. Never loose hope. An ocean starts with only a drop.


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