Mahindra concept cars.courtesy: Mahindra

Mahindra Born Electric :

Mahindra electric has produced many EVs so far

Mahindra electric, the subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra, the global car maker has recently unveiled teasers of its new electric car launch on it’s YouTube channel Mahindra Automotive. The video is titled as Mahindra Born Electric Vision\\ Unveiling July 2022. On the Twitter page of Mahindra Born Electric the same video is launched with the caption ” An electrifying presence that feels so human, it can communicate with you. With our Mahindra Advanced Design Europe( MADE) team, We re-imagine ‘Born Emotional’.

Three Upcoming Electric Cars?

The Born Electric – yet to be born princes

From the new teaser we can estimate the upcoming of of at least 3 electric car models by the car giant Mahindra and Mahindra. They are developed on the the companies ‘Born Electric Vision’ program that is aiming towards a zero emission vision as a responsible global automaker. All the three cars look like SUVs with distinctive design and features hitherto not experienced by the electric car market in India.

The Exterior of Born Electric:

The cars shown are in silhoutte and only the sharp shaped led headlights and taillights are prominent. There is no doubt that the cars will have strong, muscular and elevated body shape. The overall appearances of the cars will be angular and sharp featured.Mahindra is already pioneer in Indian SUV market with it’s muscular high end SUV Mahindra Scorpio which has been acclaimed by Mahindra lovers and critics alike. It is expected that the same wow factor will also be available in the upcoming electric SUVs.

The Interior Vision:

The interior of the upcoming cars

Mahindra on 16th March,2022 has launched another teaser to the car enthusiasts for having a look of the interior of it’s Born Electric cars. The teaser shows the dashboard which is undoubtedly futuristic. The steering wheel seems to be hexagonal and a wide navigation screen and futuristic gear control system is viewed in the digital version of the cars.

The Mahindra Commitment :

Mahindra is true to it’s commitments

It seems that the Mahindra and Mahindra group is working severely to keep its commitment of carbon neutral by the year 2040. At the end of the year 2019 Mahindra has declared its commitment “Carbon Neutral by 2040: The Mahindra Commitment!” The company voiced towards sustainability and environment action with climate commitment regarding climate change. The Mahindra released “To transform a 150-company, multi-sector group into carbon neutrality by 2040 is a massive commitment, but the Mahindra Group is delivering on this and several other climate changes and green initiatives. Also, the Group’s green revenue portfolio is worth half a billion dollars and includes electric vehicles, automotive recycling, solar energy, waste-to-energy and biogas, green buildings, and micro-irrigation.” The company’s dedication to fulfill it’s promise can be seen with it’s early announcement of the cars that were expected to be launched somewhere between 2025 and 2026 earlier.

Mahindra eVerito.courtesy:Financial Express

The Born Electric Platform :

image courtesy:Overdrive

Mahindra had announced its ambitious Born EV platform in May,2021.There will be dedicated electric vehicle specific architecture in this platform where the electric vehicles will be optimised and will not be based on existing structures of fossil fuelled cars. Mr Anand Mahindra ,whose Mahindra group has become a world wide name, had already voiced for a radical measure to accelerate shift to electric vehicles from the the petrol and diesel powered vehicles in India. He had also urged for serious governmental measures to inspire and support the transition from conventional vehicles to electrically powered futuristic automobiles. Mahindra and Mahindra was the first to introduce an electric car model in India in the year 2013 named ‘Reva e2o’.It was the pioneer car to start green consciousness among car owners.

Mahindra eReva.image courtesy:Forbes India

Mahindra also boasts of launching the first electric sedan in India, the e-Verito,5 seater. However many factors including range anxiety were responsible behind the fast upgradation of electric cars from fossil fuelled cars. As other big players in the market like Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki are also interested in electric transition,it is expected that with the introduction of upcoming cars like Mahindra EVs, the electric car market will surely get a heavy boost.

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