The Summer of 2022 must be a reminder for all the human beings in any part of the world that where are we taking our planet into and of course Our days to come and our children. Humans, Start counting…

Summer of 2022:

The planet is burning severely because of humans (img: Vox)

European Summer, admiring of what once William Shakespeare had wrote his sonnet no 18, comparing the tender Summer with his friend’s unmatchable beauty, if lived today, must change the lines into comparing summer with demons or even heated ovens in some of the Victorian pub.

A few years ago, Summer was meant for sunshine and tropical fruits has changed now into unbearable days and nights like living in heated tin boxes, waiting to be fried and died. Severe heat waves, absence of rain, cloudless skies as well as unbearable humidity are the new characteristics of Summer in most parts of the world. The Summer of 2022 is something.

World is Burning:

The whole world is burning (img: world meteorological Organization)

United States:

In the United States, from Texas to California scorching heat is common this year with temperature rising as much as 39C and more than 100 F. According to a Washington Post article, Summer will be longer, hotter, rougher and more dangerous and we have to change us accordingly as it is going to last from now on. ( To learn more about US heat, Read this.)


wildfire in Portugal ( img: DW news)

The Western Europe, where June usually regarded as the best month of the year , the people have suffered severe heat waves and the condition is not improved. France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Spain,Croaria, UK, Switzerland, You name any ;the condition is more or less same. Dry and hot weather even sparked fire in Germany and Spain, Portugal and other countries. Heatstroke and severe consequences have become common. There is no way to ignore the summer heat in any part of Europe now.( To know more about Europe, Read This)


In Asian countries and tropical climates, the condition are even worse. Japan temperature had reached all time high this year. China and North East India suffered from sudden flood. India and Pakistan temperature rise have broken a 122 year old record. The rising population, unhygienic living conditions and extreme humidity are making the situations worse. Concurrent floods, months without rains, cloudless skies during monsoon, scattered localised rains and crazy weather patterns are becoming common and horrifying. The Indian subcontinent waits for timely monsoon for rice cultivation but this year rainfall is about 92% short till July.

Rain, Rain go Away:

In the tropical countries where Summer brings the rain and helps in agriculture, without rain means drought and starvation. Year 2022 is marked for absence of useful rain. Delayed monsoon rains and humid heat are also responsible for the outspread of tropical diseases. Rains are the cause of many normalisation in weather condition, agriculture condition, water availability conditions, natural vegetation growth and many more. All these things are going to be marred in 2022 and the result will be carried in the future years.

Climate Change and Rise of Poverty:

Environmental degradation takes away basic rights of living for the poor (img: Oxfam international)

Climate change and poor weather conditions are directly linked with the rising of poverty. According to Pope Francis the failure of the global leaders to act on climate problems is actually a brutal act of injustice toward the poor. The problem of climate conditions will deepen the division of people manipulating resources for temporary comfort and people having no resource. More and more people will become climate refugees. Ultimately in the long run, the whole system of civilization will collapse in a boom. ( To know more Read This)

We don’t need more Development:

Species are going into extinction due to rapid temperature rise on earth (img: TimesofIndia)

In the name of development, humans have exploited the earth, the ecosystem, the plants and animals, even the other humans. We were made believed that money and external comforts are the only things that we needed, but People have come out of their ignorance after they have paid heavily. Most of the so called world leaders are facing away from the real problems and are trying to show us something else.

We are awake now to understand that when there will be no air, where shall we be? If there are no shade, where shall we be? If there are no earth, where shall we be?

The scorching Summer of 2022 must be enough for people to come out of their civilized sleep and shout out directly to any other person that WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE OF DEVELOPMENT. ENOUGH.



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