Japan car monster Toyota has launched Toyota Prius 2023 on 16th Nov. Let’s take a look.

Toyota Prius 2023
The all new Prius 2023

Hybrid Reborn

Toyota Prius has been launched in Japan with a new avatar. Prius 2023. With a new aesthetics, it looks a fabulous car. According to Toyota it is their Prius ‘Hybrid reborn’. It’s almost twenty years that the brand Prius has been adored worldwide because of it’s affordability and efficiency as a hybrid. After successfully running for four generations it is now in its 5th generation.

Toyota Prius 5th Gen.

Prius new hybrid
The new hybrid for new year

According to Toyota general manager Dave Christ “The weight of the Prius name is heavy. It carries with it the identity of an entire category of vehicle powertrain.” He says ” we’re confident the all new Prius 2023 will continue this important legacy”

All New Prius 2023

Toyota Prius 2023 has some very impressive changes over it’s predecessor. We can observe a piercing silhoutte that is sportier. The front has hammerhead nose almost like bZ4X. The new car is longer by 1 inch and the roofline is 2 inch lower. There are larger wheelbase of 19 inch and the rear of the car is about an inch wider than the front. it has a definite wow factor in it’s first look.

Prius 2023
The Sporty hybrid

Prius witrh Panoramic roof

The new Prius 2023 has a fixed panoramic roof which is the first prius with this feature.The steering wheel is heated and there are integrated door handles for back passengers.

Hey Toyota

Hey Toyota
Voice Control at it’s best

There is an improvement on the overall connectivity of the new car. Only say HEY TOYOTA and You can connect with navigation,climate and audio controls of the whole system of the car. The 8 inch infotainment touch screen and optional 12.3 inch screen in the XLE version are included with Apple car play and Android Auto, and wireless charger in XLE. The audio system is upgradable to JBL premium audio system with eight speakers.

More Powerful Prius

The new Prius has a more powerful yet lighter battery and a larger 2.0 liter engine. It gives an output of 121 horsepower and 123 horsepower ( AWD Prius) far better than its earlier avatar. Toyota claims an acceleration of zero to 60 mph in just 7.2 seconds in the front wheel drive option and for the all wheel drive (AWD Prius) ,the time is 7 seconds flat.

More light and shade with the sunroof

Prius vs Prime

In the U.S. the plug in version of the Prius HEV ( Hybrid Electric Vehicle) will be called as Toyota Prime which will have no changes over the Prius hybrid except that it is the plug in version of the hybrid car ( PHEV).

The 2022 Prius Prime

Q and A

Where was Toyota Prius 2023 launched first?

Toyota Prius was launched first on 16th Nov, 2022 in Japan.

When will it be launched in the United States?

Toyota Prius will be launched in the U.S soon.

What will be the price of Toyota Prius 2023?

The price of the new Toyota Prius 2023 has not been disclosed. It may be priced under $ 30,000 and the top version might be just under $ 40,000, as speculated.

Why is there Prime version of the Prius?

The Prime is not a different car. In looks and specs it is same as Prius but only a plug in version of the Prius hybrid. It is actually Toyota Prius PHEV that is named Prius Prime or Toyota Prime PHEV.

What is the difference between Hybrid and a Plug in hybrid?

A full Hybrid vehicle (HEV) , the electric battery helps the car to drive in a slower speed. But the primary source of power is the gsolein for the ICE ( Internal combustion engine).The battery used here may be smaller and less expensive. But in Plug in Hybrids (PHEV), the electric battery is the primary source of power in the car. When the battery is exhausted, only then the gasoline powers the ICE engine. So a powerful battery which is expensive is needed in an PHEV.

( All image courtesy: Toyota)

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