Uber is driven by sustainability goals (img: uber)

Uber is the largest platform for public transportation in the world. At the present moment they also may be called sustainable Uber.They are seemed serious about sustainability issues and are hopeful to operate with zero emission in the US, Canada and Europe by 2030 and globally by 2040.

Green Future Program:

Uber’s green future program is the company’s wonderful attempt to transition into the electrically operated cars from the ICE that will hugely build the base for a sustainable mobility. Uber is investing approx $800 million to help drivers transition to the BEVs, which Uber terms as ZEVs ( the zero emission vehicles). The introduction of Uber green and incentives provided to the drivers to encourage transition, discounts on buying EVs and EV charging will surely make a long impact for sustainability solutions.

Uber anticipates on green future (img: uber)

Uber Head of Sustainability:

Uber’s new global head of sustainability Thibaud Simphal is optimistic that Uber will be globally operating with zero emission by the year 2040. Talking with Sally Fouts, who is Amazon’s global leader of the climate pledge; Thibaud clarifies that Uber is focussing on three main aspects to reach to the goal of sustainability. Firstly, Uber is helping drivers to transform into electric vehicles. Secondly, the company is empowering commuters to choose green alternatives. And Thirdly, Uber is making itself transparent about climate impact so that they can make themselves accountable for improvement.

Car free Options by Uber:

Uber is serious on sustainability
Uber encourages car free ride also (Img:techspot)

Uber is also providing people in-app car free options like electric mopeds, electric bikes and scooters. Thus the company is promoting sustainability as well as encouraging people to adopt a car free travelling options that will consume less time and money. Most daily commuters move single and using car free options can reduce carbon footprint in an outstanding amount.

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All Electric by 2030:

Uber is going full green soon ( img: uber)

Currently Uber is focussing on becoming a zero- emission mobility renting platform in the US, Canada and Europe by 2030. But it’s most optimistic goal is to become a global example of zero-emission platform by 2040. The agressive climate goal of Uber is truely the need of time and We wish the company a great sucess in reaching their sustainability goals


When is Uber going all green in the US?

Uber is optimistic to go fully green in the US by 2030.

Where else it is going fully green by 2030?

Uber is trying to be all electric by 2030 in European countries and Canada as well as the US.

Has Uber a global goal to be fully electric?

Yes, Uber has global goals to be fully electric by 2040.

Who is the Uber head of sustainability?

Uber head of sustainability is Mr. Thibaud Simphal.

What are the car free options provided by Uber?

Uber is providing a lot of options to be car free like electric scooters, electric bikes and mopeds also.


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