Alfa Romeo EV Designs:

Black beauty

Alfa Romeo the Italian luxury car manufacturer are working on future electric vehicle designs that will be marked by comfort, style,aerodynamics with luxury ride and superb technological advancement.

The Alfa Romeo supercars are yet not on the roads but when they will, surely they will leave people stunned and mesmerized without any doubt. The sublime design by Alfa Romeo for future super cars for the electric vehicles of the future is really praiseworthy that will set the the benchmark of the the future designer cars. These astonishingly futuristic and fluid designs by Alfa Romeo can easily overshadow any other future cars.

The Alfa Romeo Legacy:

The Alpha Romeo logo

Alfa Romeo Automobiles an Italian luxury car manufacturer and a subsidiary of Stellantis. The company was founded on 24 June 1910, in Milan, Italy. “Alfa” is an acronym of its founding name, “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili.” “Anonima” means “anonymous”, which was a legal form of company at the time, as it was founded by anonymous investors. In the initial set-up phase, in order to have a building to produce cars, the company bought the Portello factory building of Darracq in Milan, which was closing up and selling all its assets.The brand is known for sport-oriented vehicles and has been involved in car racing since 1911.

Alfa Romeo was owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the company that was responsible for the production of Alfa Romeo cars until its operations were fully merged with those of the PSA Group to form Stellantis on 16 January 2021.

The Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo has introduced many new technological and futuristic and the company was among the first users of new technologies since their introduction of trademark over head cam engine, created by Giuseppe Merosi, that was first used in 1914 grand pics car.The first road car with such an engine was the 6c 1500 sport which appeared in 1928.they were also the pioneer of using one of the first electronic fuel injection system in the car Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 in the year 1940.

The Innovative Pioneers:

The Innovations and designs first used by Alfa Romeo has been imitated by other carmakers, and in this way, the Alfa Romeo body designs have often been very influential.

Let’s take a look when and how influential the innovations were:


The 116-series Giulia had a very low Cd. Toyota, in particular, sought to produce a similarly shaped series of vehicles at this time.

The 116 Giulia

1970s:Fairing of bumpers:

In order to meet American crash standards, Alfa Romeo formulated a design technique to incorporate bumpers into the overall bodywork design of vehicles so as to not ruin their design lines. The culmination of this design technique was the 1980s Alfa Romeo 75. The process was widely copied, particularly in Germany and Japan.

One of the most loved designs so far

1980s:The Alfa Romeo 164:

The design process and influence of this car is almost completely out of all proportion to previous Alfa Romeos.The 164 introduced complete CAD/CAM in the manufacturing cycle, with very little directly made by hand. In addition, the 164’s styling influence continues into the present-day line of modern Alfa Romeos. Most manufacturers incorporated design ideas first expressed in the 164 into their own designs, including greater reliance on on-board computers.

The CAD/CAM magic

1990s:The pseudo-coupé:

The Alfa Romeo 156 and 147, while four-door vehicles, represented themselves as two-doors with prominent front door handles, and less visible rear door-handle flaps. Honda has used this design style in the latest Civic hatchback, and a somewhat similar idea is also seen in the Mazda RX-8 four-seat coupé and Renault Clio V.

The Alfa Romeo 156

2000s:The Brera and 159:

These vehicles’ design, by Giorgetto Giugiaro, have proven influential in sedan and coupé styling, demonstrating that concept vehicles are often immediately translatable into road car form, providing that initial design takes place using CAD systems.

The Alfa Romeo 159 sedan

The New Futuristic Designs:

The designer. courtesy:Instagram

The future designs of Alfa Romeo electric cars are also very distinctive from the other global automakers.Car designer Mr. Klaus Dahlenkamp has actually designed damsel cars with stunning looks and cosy luxury comfort. The front section has a flamboyant look with a dominating presence, the middle section is super flowing with all glass top and the rear is sharp flowing with futuristic wheels and almost ‘V’ shaped exhaust makes the unibody a creative electric supercar with a stunning panorama of flight on the road.Future coloured with dark black and stunning red, the Alfa Romeo cars are surely something to look at.

The Alfa Romeo logo in every wheel and the black-red combination is deadly


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