Car battery of 1000 KM | China’s Envision promises high range electric car battery

Envision AESC powers Nissan motors batteries

A Thousand km Range Battery:

Do you ever dream of owning an electric car that has a battery which is virtually everlasting in a trip, at least for 1000 km? Most car batteries of today can give a range of a maximum 400 to 500 km though only in an ideal situation. Batteries with a range near 1000 will surely reshape the electric vehicle industry transition from fossil fuel vehicles that are polluting the air today with their odoury smoke and carbon particles.

Envision’s vision1000

Envision AESC of China, the company that makes battery for Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan EVs, claimed of aiming to produce car batteries for electric vehicles,in the year 2024 ,that will offer 1000 kms of range in a single charge.The company is expecting of mass production and sales of these long range batteries all over the world, to the global car manufacturers within December, 2024. With the production of such long range batteries, the Range anxiety related with electric cars may be at an end for future electric cars.

Envision AESC

Envision AESC was the seventh largest car battery supplier in the world in 2020.As per Nikkei Asia reports, the CEO of Envision, Mr.Shoichi Matsumoto said the company will again grow to it’s full potential and establish a new plant near Tokyo,in Ibaraki.The new batteries will be produced in the new plant.The company also intends to establish production sites in China,UK,France and the USA before 2030 and plans to produce enough batteries that will run more than a million electric vehicles.The batteries it will produce will be greener as the factories will be powered by solar panels and will emit zero carbon emissions.Nissan motor corp. currently owns 20 percent of Envision.

Envision AESC plans to expand globally

Nissan and Envision

Envision AESC currently produces lithium-ion batteries for Nissan EVs. Earlier AESC (Automotive Energy Supply Corporation) was owned by Nissan but in 2019 it sold the majority of stake to the Chinese renewable energy supplier Envision group.The firm also took over Nissan’s battery production units in Tennessee, the US and in Sunderland,England.Nissan now has only 20 percent of the stake and the 80 percent is owned by Envision group.

The Future Vision

More compact battery for the future EVs?

Envision group, in their developments of 2024 EV batteries,the farm is focussing on doubling the variety of battery cells and to pack the cells closely together to improve storage efficiency that will enhance the range of the batteries to give a 1000 KMs.It will also shorten the recharging time of the whole battery,upto 30 percent in just 20 minutes,for emergencies.

Envison AESC hopes to grow it’s consumer base within this decade in Japan,China and among the European automakers by manufacturing and developing all-solid-state batteries alongwith the present production of the lithium-ion batteries in their plants.

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