Tata Altroz:

Altroz EV is going to be a high end electric hatchback

Tata Altroz has been already famous around the car lovers all over the world, not only because of it’s stunning look and laser sharp exteriors, a novelty yet seen in other cars of the range, but also because of it’s highest Global NCAP crash test rating of 5 star declaring it as one of the safest premium hatchbacks. Now the Altroz fans are anticipating on it’s Electric Avatar which is environment friendly and in long run is going to be pocket friendly as well. How will it be? To know about Altroz EV ,let’s know a little bit about Altroz first.

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Altroz as Defined by Tata :

In the Geneva Motor Show in 2019 Tata Motors showcased Altroz first. They introduced the car like this “We are excited to enter a new market space with the introduction of Altroz. Its Athletic stance, sporty silhouette and sharp cut lines characterize the Altroz as a futuristic, ultra-modern, edgy and agile car. Stylish front grill which is seamlessly integrated with dual slim projector headlamps extending on both sides, together forms a modern visor and gives a premium and sporty impression. The side profile features a unique arrowhead forming at the intersection of the A pillar, with the front door flowing into the one of a kind comet tail along the window line. The interior of the Altroz has been laid out like a modern aero command center with a seamless cockpit-like theme. 7” infotainment system & TFT cluster display with new HMI gives it a high tech look and feel. Enhanced haptics and premium materials give a feeling of premium environment from the future. Altroz has an edge over its competition in terms of spaciousness and provide best shoulder room. Under the hood, Altroz has turbo-charged motor which makes it one of the most powerful car in its league.

It is of no surprise that Tata Altroz has gained many acclamations including winning the prestigious best car design 2021 Award by the Autocarindia.

Altroz EV is greatly anticipated car

Altroz Electric:

Now what will be new there in the Altroz Electric? As I have used Altroz petrol several times, the ease of ride and the premium feel inside made me an Altroz fan already. For me, personally,it will be no.1 in my list of EV hatchbacks if somebody wants to buy for the family, keeping in mind the look, the boarding experience and the safety.

To know more about it Visit TATA’s own Blog

The Altroz EV design:

Altroz has quite a stunning design

Tata Altroz has acclaimed a prestigious position because of it’s edgy, sharp style and with a sporty and premium look at the same time.The car looks kinetic, if both looked from front and side. According to the famous Indian motorsport star Narain Karthikeyan ” The Altroz is a very well packaged car. It is very well put together, and totally up to date when it comes to design “. Tata has no intention to change the basic Altroz design in the EV version for sure. Though it may seem that like Tigor EV there will be an option of dual tone body colour in Altroz EV.

The Front and Back:

The EV themed grill in Altroz

The spectacular design that it’s got with the front grill integration with the headlamps, and LED DRL(Daytime Running Lights) integration with the foglamps is truely spectacular. The protruding edges and sharp creases in both the front and the back make it look more classy and premium.The EV theme can easily be noticed at the front grille. The grille is different from the regular Altroz and the air dam is redisgned for the electric version. The EV theme will be also highlighted in the blacked-out section at the back. Obviously there will be no tail emission pipe.

Altroz EV can be identified with the EV logo from back also

The Sides of Altroz EV:

Altroz almost look like a coupe and tremendously aerodynamic from the sides. According to Autocarindia deputy editor Shapur Kotwal ” The Lamborghini Diablo-like plunging window line gives it a tipped-forward stance and provides the front wheel arch plenty of definition“. The rear doors has no handle and can be opened from the upper end triangular opening which is an exclusive design. All these will not change but It seems that the wheels will be given an EV theme in Altroz EV.

Altroz side looks is WOW always

Altroz Interiors:

Tata Altroz is really spacious and comfortable

In the interior of Altroz EV the floating infotainment touch screen is fixed cleverly at the direct eyesight. The instrument cluster is DG analogue and their steering is flat bottomed having all the audio phone and cruise control buttons.Both the front and the rear seats are quite species and comfortable.The absence of the mechanical gearbox at the front gives some more space to car as compared to it’s ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterpart. Three people can sit comfortably at the rear and when there are two, an armrest that can be hidden at the middle gives a sedan like feel. There is ample legroom both at the front and reasonable at the rear. Even long rides with an Altroz is comfortably refreshing.

The Ziptron Powertrain:

Ziptron powers Tata Altroz EV

Tata Motor’s ZIPTron powertrain technology is highly future proof EV technology. Through this technology the company aims to propel emobility in India. The high energy density Lithium-ion battery pack with liquid cooling system alongwith fast charging capabilities power a great range to the EVs through this. According to Tata Motors ” Ziptron is at the core of our Revolutionary Electric Vehicles. It encapsulates all the virtues of Tata Motors’ Electric Vehicle Technology. This technology is going to rapidly change the Misconceptions Around Electric Vehicles.” Tata EVs are built with five basic principles Performance, Technology, Reliability, Charging, Comfort. The Altroz EV includes all these in it.

The ALFA Arc. Platform:

The Alfa Arc. Platform of Altroz

The Agile Light Flexible Advanced Architecture platform of Altroz is an unique platform innovated by Tata. It provides endurance, strength,agility as well as speed and better range for an electric car because of it’s light body. Tata has thought of a real long vision with this paltform.

Altroz EV Range and Battery:

Altroz EV is having the same battery as of Tata Nexon EV which is 30.2 kWh and 320 V Lithium-ion polymer battery with fast charging capacity. It gives about 127 Bhp power with 245 nM of torque. The battery is capable to give around 250 km range in a single charge for Altroz in Indian real road situations.

Altroz EV Price:

Tata has not disclosed the price of Altroz EV but it is expected to be around ₹ 14,00,000 (INR Fourteen Lakh).

Altroz EV debut:

There is a very high chance that Tata Altroz EV might be launched on 29th April. Tata Motors has kept it a great secret only because of the SURPRISE that the company wants to give to the market. It will be on the 29th of April, what for We are holding our heart in our mouth.

Altroz EV is for sustainability



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