Living in harmony is living in peace

Why is Buddha Purnima important for the environment? Why should We care? Does Buddha teach us sustainability? How can we be righteous being sustainable?

The Chaos We are in:

The living world is full of chaos, mostly because We don’t live in the world that we are really in, but in a world that We have made around ourselves, a fictional world. Yes, it’s true. How many of Us think that We are just an animal with supposedly rational thinking and Death is awaiting for us at any moment.

We have created this chaos around us in the name of modern lifestyle and civilization where unending wantings are making us more and more unhappy inwardly.

There is only two way to be rich. First, Earn More and More and the second, Desire Less and Less. Which one will give You a life of health, peace, calmness and satisfaction of living a life of essence and teaching it to others, specially Your children?

The Balancing Buddha:

Life is an act of balance

Buddha never advices to leave the material world and be a monk. We must live, and create but We must preserve and let others to live so that Our creations can live. We must teach how to live and how to create and how to preserve so that others can live and grow.

As a human being the recognition of our existence will be optimum only when We recognise the existence of the others who came before us. We can’t be indifferent to other plants, creatures, animals, geographies and histories that have made us. We can’t ignore a little running brook, can’t drive away a stray dog and can’t kill a chicken when it’s feeding it’s chicks.

But to live , We must hunt, and to do business, We must earn commissions for Our childern to buy books. But they must be done in a balancing way, creating the least harm to the nature and environment so that it may heal over time. The harmony, the compassion, the peace and the unity must be preserved. The Gratitude must not be missed. The Balance must not be broken.

The Wheel of Time:

The Dharmachakra, wheel of righteousness

Buddhists pray with a prayer wheel. Wheels may symbolize civilization, growth , progress as well as returning to the same centre over time. That We must not forget What We are, what We get and how We live in the expense of others.

What is the Cause that we are living for? Is it to love and get love in return? Is it to emit Black smoke in the air so that Our children may find it difficult to breathe? Is it to Live as an example for others, specially our children? Is it to spray the venom of hatred in the name of division and discrimination or to accept that no two bodies in the earth is same as I am Unique and The One just as the Others are?

The wheel records everything, in case You miss it. From the forgotten Past to the Unanticipated Future. It is the wheel of Karma.

Buddha Purnima 2022:

Every year it comes, just to remind You. Are You righteous? Have You taken the path of Dharma? Have You identified Yourself as Unique from other Creatures? Have You cultivated respect for all in the deepest core of Your existence? Can You Call Yourself a Human being now at the moment? Think, just think. I am proclaiming You a Buddha Now, at this moment.

recognise, reconsider,reconstitute, balance

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