Tata is going steady with transition into electric

Tata Group is launching it’s own Tata battery company in India and abroad that will power the future EVs. Here is a brief discussion about it’s plan about it and it’s goal on sustainability.

Seriously and Fully Tata:

Will the Tata chapter of History of Indian Electric Cars will be titled as Seriously Tata or Fully Tata? We are not sure but TATA Group is running hard and fast to make India electric and pollution free, just not with their sustainable car models but with each and every part of it made by the the Tata quality assurance, even the EV battery. Yes, You read it right, Tata Group is planning to make EV batteries that will be supplied not only in India but all over the World. Thus the ecosystem of Tata Electric Cars will be completed by making Tata cars as 100% Indian product.

Tata Battery Company:

Tata EV batteries will make Tata EV more self reliant

The Tata Group Chairman Mr. N. Chandrasekaran, recently disclosed TATA’s plan to produce batteries for EVs as it is becoming future ready with a ” massive transition” that will include the integration of embedding futuristic aspects with sustainability at the core of Tata’s business. His words are ” We are preparing the blueprint to launch our battery company both in India and abroad.”

Sustainability Goals:

Tata Group Chairman Mr. N. Chandrasekaran

According to Mr. Chairman, ” we have a group level agenda on sustainability, which we will be announcing shortly where we have a group level goal towards becoming carbon neutral. At the same time, we will address the huge impact that we can create on the communities.” He also added ” we are looking at alternative energy, we are looking at hydrogen fuel cells..”.

Digital adoption, supply chain rebalances, sustainability, healthcare and global talent pools are trends that will shape the future of business and economies and Tata is aiming all these through a synergy among all it’s wings.

Tata Future Electric:

Tata Nexon EV is the 1st gen Tata Electric car

That Tata Power is going into a partnership with Hyundai Motor India Limited for building a wide network of EV charging stations all over across India and Tata’ s plan to launch the First, Second and Third generation of EVs alongwith the blueprint of producing battery for EVs are the clear signs of how the Indian and even the international Electric car market will be coming into the control of Tata in near future. Recently Tata has launched the concept of two avant garde electric cars Concept Curvv and Concept Avinya as their second and Third generation EV concept. TATA’s first generation electric cars like Tata Nexon EV , Nexon EV Max and Tata Tigor EV are already running on Indian roads and are the most sold electric cars all over India.

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