What is Chota Hathi? When is Tata Ace Electric launched? What will be it’s specialities and price? How much weight it can carry? What will be it’s range? Let’s try to find all these answers.

Chhota Hathi:

Tata Ace is a popular mini truck

Popularly known as Chhota Hathi in almost all over India, Tata Ace has grown a step further to introduce it’s Electric Avatar the Tata ACE EV on the 5th May, 2022; at the time when petrol and diesel prices are going over the head of the common people in India the small businesses are suffering the most because of transportation cost.

Tata ACE is a small commercial vehicle, a mini truck which is very popular in Indian roads because of it’s less road space consuming vital statistics and it’s easy access even in the narrow lanes of Indian towns and villages.At present India’s 70% market of small commercial vehicle segment is served by Tata.

Tata ACE Electric:

The exterior of ACE EV looks the same

The Commercial EV sector also needs the same attention as the passenger vehicles and Tata Motors has taken a significant step to introduce it’s first commercial ev Tata Ace EV in the Indian market. This electric version of the small cargo vehicle is launched after the CNG version back in 2008 and has been hugely popular.

The new ACE EV is introduced as India’s most advanced , zero emission, four wheel small commercial vehicle (SCV) by Tata Motors. According to the chairman of Tata Group, Mr. N. Chandrasekaran ” I am delighted today that with the launch of the ACE EV, we are entering a new era of e-cargo mobility. Tata ACE is India’s most successful commercial vehicle ever. It has revolutionized transportation and created millions of successful entrepreneurs over the years. It will further build on this legacy by providing a technology advanced, clean and smart mobility solution.”

Tata ACE EV Features:

The Drive Mode selector in place of gear

Tata ACE EV looks just like the regular Tata Ace with the Body length of 3800 mm and width of 1500 mm. It has a wheelbase of 2100 mm and Ground clearance of 160 mm. The Gross weight of the EV is 1840 kg and it can carry a payload of 600 kg. The inner loading space provided is about 208 cubic feet.

It is built on TATA’s EVOGEN powertrain which is powered by a 36 hp having a maximum motor output of 27 kW. The EV has a Lithium-ion battery of 93 volt with the capacity of fast charging. There are two different ports for fast and regular charging and On board charging gun is provided alongwith a Home plug solution. The EV has waterproof rating of IP67 for all driving parts and battery. The container of the mini truck is made of lightweight and durable materials that perfectly suit the requirements of e- commerce logistics, according to Tata Motors.

Tata ACE EV Range and Speciality:

7 inch infotainment and usb

Tata Ace EV has a certified range of 154 km per full charge with standard payload. However the range will depend on the load it will carry and the road conditions also.

Tata ACE EV has a 7 inch infotainment system, a knob for driving mode instead of gears, a rear view camera, tyre pressure monitoring system, Regenerative braking system, Aero deflector for range improvement.

Tata Ace EV tested on road

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What is Tata Ace?

Tata Ace is a four wheel light commercial vehicle or small truck for carrying goods.

What were the earlier variants of Tata Ace?

Tata Ace is still sold in three variants fuelled by Petrol, Diesel or CNG.

When is Tata ACE Electric launched?

Tata ACE Electric was launched on the 5th May,2022.

What is the range of Tata ACE EV?

Tata ACE EV has an ARAI certified range of 154 km per charge.

How much weight can it carry?

Tata ACE EV is made to carry a standard payload of 600 kg.

Who will be buying Tata ACE EV?

Tata has signed a MoU with many companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket, City link, LetsTransport, MoEVing ,DOT etc to supply Tata ACE EV to them. Besides that anyone can buy the minitruck for business.

What is the price of Tata ACE EV?

Though Tata Motors has not launched price specific details about the mini truck, it is expected that the price will be around more or less ₹ 7 lakhs.


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