Electric Tractors:

Electric Tractors will soon be seen on fields

With the advancement of technology and the consciousness of sustainable solutions in automobiles, it is a well desired expectations in agricultural based countries like India that the agricultural machines should also be electrified as soon as possible to decrease their dependency on fossil fuels. Electric Tractors are the product of such consciousness and expectation. With the rising diesel price a good electric tractor not only goes easy on the pocket of the farmers but also saves the environment. Still they are also looked upon as a challenge to provide a great power source through batteries they carry with them in the fields.

But not only for farming and ploughing, the robust powered engine of a tractor is needed in many utilities, for trolley pulling, in horticulture and vineyards, in airport, carrying logistics from one place to another and even to carry passsengers.

It is always very interesting to find out the electric tractor segment in India which has been so rich in agricultural development in the recent years. Let’s go a bit deep and find out the available or yet to be available electric Tractors in India.

First Electric Tractor in India:

Sonalika’s Tiger Electric

Sonalika Tractor’s E Tractor named Tiger Electric Tractor is the first electric tractor that was commercially launched in India in the late 2020 with an introductory price of ₹ 5.99 lakh. According to the company Tiger Electric could run for 8 hours in a single charge while operating with a 2 ton load of trolley which is quite enough for a light daily chore for an Indian farmer, it seems.

Nitin Gadkari on E Tractors:

Govt. of India is keen on Pollution Control

Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari who is also a keen EV enthusiast recently told about the importance of electric tractors in India and that electric tractors can bring down the overall cost of farming and production in agriculture. In the HDFC ERGO General Insurance EV summit in December,2021, Mr. Gadkari said that ” a farmer has to transport 300 kg of vegetables to the market, he has to spend Rs 200. In the next few days I will launch an electric tractor in the market”.

Electric Tractors in India:

Let’s take a look at some electric tractors in India that are available or to be available soon.

Sonalika Electric Tractors:

Sonalika Tractors is a well known company

According to the company Sonalika Electric tractor has many unique features. They are…

Sonalika Tiger Electric is environment friendly and economical as compared to diesel and petrol engines as the running costs are decreased by around 75%.

This tractor is built on the well known and proven tractor platform of Sonalika, which makes it farmer-friendly and easy to use while ensuring optimal performance at all times.
Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor comes with a 5000 hours/5 year warranty.

It’s high quality battery can be easily charged at a regular home charging point in 10 hours. The company also offers a fast charging option with which the Tiger Electric can be charged in just 4 hours.

It’s energy-efficient and is built with German design ‘etrac’ motor that offers high power density and peak torque.

Tiger Electric Tractor assures better comfort for farmers as no heat is transferred from the engine.

The tractor also offers zero product downtime and reduced maintenance costs as the number of parts installed are less.

Tiger Electric Tractor 15 HP :

Electric solution in agricultural fields

Max power 11 kW and Lift capacity of 500 kg it has a transmission of 6F + 2R Gears. The HP category is 15 HP and the total weight is 820 kg. It’s wheelbase is 1420 mm. It gives a battery backup of 8 hours.

For the latest on road price of Sonalika Tiger Electric in Your area CLICK HERE> https://www.sonalika.com/tractor/tiger-electric

Cellestial Electric Tractors:

Cellestial is giving many colour choices

Cellestial eMobility claims that they are India’s first manufacturer of full Electric smart Tractors. They declares their goal is to revolutionize eMobility in India by producing innovative automobiles that address sustainability and efficiency. Cellestial e-Tractors are claimed as cost effective, pollution free, maintenance free and noise free.

Cellestial E-Mobility has introduced EPEA (Elimination of Physical Elements in Automotive), that as a concept has been successful to achieve reduced tractor weight. With more than 80% reduction in maintenance cost and other unique first-of-its kind advantages such as zero lag in operations Cellestial e tractors are truely the performer in electric tractor segment.

Cellestial e-Tractors run on swappable, rechargeable batteries that can be charged within two hours from a domestic power source that can be driven for 6 hours without any worry. There are also multiple colours to choose in their tractors.

At presently they have 3 models:

E Tractor 27 HP:

Length : 1500 mm. Ground clearance 420 mm

With Max power of 13.5 kW and Max range of 75 km this tractor has pulling capacity of 1.2 Tonne and takes full charge in 6 hours. Fast charging is also available with this that takes 2 hours. Battery capacity is 150 Ah and turning radius is 2.25 metres.

E Tractor 35 HP:

Length : 3150 mm and Ground clearance 210 mm

With Max power of 21 kW and Max range of 75 km this tractor has pulling capacity of 1.86 Tonne and takes full charge in 5.5 hours.Fast charging takes 1.5 hours. Battery capacity is 150 Ah and turning radius is 2.28 metres.

E Tractor 55 HP:

Length: 3990 mm and Ground clearance 440 mm

With Max power of 40 kW and Max range of 75 km this tractor has Pulling capacity of 4 Tonn and takes full charge in 5 hours. Fast charging takes about 1 hour. Battery capacity is 400 Ah and turning radius is 3.1 metres.

To know more about Cellestial E Tractors Click HERE > https://www.cellestial.com/

Escorts Limited:

Escort Limited is an well reputed tractor manufacturer of India. It has been first company to be successful to get the CMVR ( Central Motor Vehicles Rule,1989) certificate for it’s electric tractor from the Central Government of India. It will soon launch it’s first Electric Tractor.

Escorts Farmtrac 26 E| Farmtrac Atom 26 :

Categorised under 30 HP this Tractor is expected to be powered with Waterproofing Li- ion battery and fast charging capabilities. Speculations about it being driverless and fully automated are on.

According to the company it will help automate 80% of the farming job. Escort has collaborated with tech giants like Microsoft, Bosch, Reliance Jio, Trimble, AVL, Wabco and Samvardhana Motherson Group for their new e Tractor. Further specifications are still been awaited from the company.

VST Tillers Tractors :

VST Tillers Tractors is a popular name that makes engines , transmission and many equipments for tractors and Tillers and also exports their products abroad.

VST Electric Tractor:

VST will be automating the E Tractors

The CEO of VST Tillers Mr. Anthony Cherukara revealed that they have developed necessary components for their electric tractor. It will be an automatic machine that can be operated remotely and without driver.

The upcoming tractor will be provided with 360 degree camera and provide 30 kW of power for 8 hours in a single charge. It will be produced soon.

The Future:

As Tractors are needed for heavy work, the battery capacity of electric tractors must be very high to gain that needed power. The cost effectiveness of electric tractors in works other than ploughing must be considered seriously. With the advancement of more powerful battery technology, it is hoped that more players will enter into the electric tractor segment in near future.

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