Hero Optima CX:

Hero Optima city speed 2022

Hero Optima CX 2022 is the recently launched scooter by Hero Electric, the largest electric bike producer in India. The scooter is the city speed edition of their well known model Optima which has been given the new name Optima CX. The double battery variant is named CX er (extended range) Optima LX and Optima Hx have been already successful models for HERO electric.

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Optima CX Variants:

Hero Optima CX is available in two variants. One with a single battery and one with double battery.

Optima CX Price:

Optima CX single battery is priced at ₹ 62,190 and

Optima CX er double battery is at ₹ 77,490 for Delhi NCR ex showroom after FAME II subsidy.

Registration, Road Tax, Insurance and accessories amount is excluded. The Customer will get the subsidy amount directly in the bank account by the respective State Transport Department.

Optima CX Features:

Optima CX has many advanced features.

The Optima CX 2022 is claimed by HERO electric to be 25 percent more sturdy and strong. The overall look suggests the basic body structure of Optima HX. The CX logo is placed after the Optima Sticker.

Some unique features are detailed:

Digital Instrument Cluster:

The Digital Instrument Cluster gives all the information the rider needs, Optima CX has a stylish digital instrument cluster.

Battery and Motor:

Optima CX 2022 is powered by 550 W BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor that produces 1.2 kW (1200 Watt) of peak power. The battery provided is 52.2V, 30 AH Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery pack.The battery is portable.


Full charging needs 4 to 5 hours. Home charging port available. Battery can be taken out for charging. Any 6A socket is good enough for charging.

Optima CX must need Fast Charging option which it has not.

Cruise Control:

Cruise Control is available for the comfort of the rider to maintain a desired speed throughout the journey, if wanted.

Modes Available:

Reverse Mode available for going reverse in narrow space in parking.

Walk Assist mode is available so that rider never has to push the bike with physical force.The bike travels at max 5 kmph in this mode.


Remote Lock with anti theft alarm is provided.

Regenerative Braking:

While pulling the brakes, the kinetic energy produced is converted into power to charge the battery.Thus no energy is lost.

USB Charging:

Available to charge phones,laptops, camera etc from the bike battery.

Optima CX Colours:

Optima CX is available in 3 colour options

Optima CX 2022 Gray
Optima CX 2022 white
Optima CX 2022 blue

Optima CX 2022 Top Speed:

Optima CX 2022 has a city speed of max 45 km

We will be happy to tell You about High Speed Electric Motorcycles.

Optima CX 2022 Full Range:

The full range of Optima CX 2022 is 82 km max in single battery variant and 140 km max in dual battery variant.

Hero Optima CX booking:

Currently the Booking is kept at hold by Hero electric.

For booking in future You can visit here for booking: https://heroelectric.in/book-now/

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