Electric Motorcycles:

Motorcycle lovers will never compromise with their bikes

Motorcycle lovers can never be contented with a scooter. I have seen my husband constantly struggling when he’s driving his father in law’s scooter with a rotten face if ever needed. He is regularly looking for updates for new Electric motorbikes and always boasts of the memory that his late father ( who died when my husband was only 10) would drive a Yezdi in 90kmph and he sat at the front.

Never should You argue with him about the benefits and the convenience of taking a scooter in the city crowd; he’d rather say that then one should use only one’s two legs for it’s the best vehicle given by the Almighty.

I thought this article would make him smile a bit about my new effort.

First Electric Motorcycle in the world:

One of the early Corbin Motorcycle

Corbin-Gentry, Mike Corbin’s company which is better known as one of America’s biggest maker of custom motorcycle seats can brag of producing the first electric motorcycle of the world. First bike was an electric commuter bike called the XLP-1 ‘City Bike’. The company made this model around 100 units between 1972 and 1974 and all of them where sold. It is the first electric bike to be registered on American roads.

A Corbin Gentry EV is being made

According to Mike Corbin, there was a terrible gasoline shortage in the early 1970’s in America and as Mike had been a Navy electrician previously, he thought to make Electric bikes which would be a nice offering from his company. The model was of fixed gear with a two speed variation. It weighed around 145 kg with three lead acid batteries and a range of 30 to 40 miles were achieved of around 30 miles per hour.

Later he made many improvements in range and speed but those electric bikes never were popular among the mainstream as the oil crisis was at an end then. But Mike was still contributing to the evolution of Electric Version and the three wheeled Corbin Sparrow bubble car was produced in the 1990s with his patented swing drive system. It placed the electric motor as a structural part of the swingarm, which is still in use in various motorcycles today.

A much evolved Cobin E bike

According to Mike ” Lithium ion batteries make Electric Vehicles the future” it needed and “Modern day electric motorcycles are wonderful. Now developing the economies of scale ,and competition ( from different manufacturers) will drastically improve them”.Mike’s vision of future truely deserves a hats off. (acknowledgement: Nick Spragg)

First Electric Motorcycle in India:

Revolt RV 400 and RV 300 are the two first electric motorcycles in India that were launched in the late August,2019. A Gurugram based company named Revolt Intellicorp, founded by Rahul Sharma produced these two stars.

Rahul Sharma was also the co-founder of the famous phone brand in India Micromax informatics, that focussed on democratising technology for masses to compete with other International companies.

RV400 sold out in just 2 hours in it’s first booking

Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorcycle is the pioneer in Indian market in the battery powered motorcycle segment in many first things.

Firstly, it brags of an ARAI certified maximum range of 156 km in a single charge, hitherto unseen in the market. Secondly, it could compete with the conventional fuel powered 125 cc motorbikes in terms of speed ,that drew attention of the speed lovers. Thirdly, the multiple exhaust sound was available that imitates of ICE ( internal combustion engine) sounds in petrol bikes. Sound has been one of a factor for youths to prefer petrol bikes than Electric counterparts. Fourthly, it has removable batteries that provide ultra convenience for the riders to carry it even in the tenth floor for charging. Fifthly, it’s embedded with a 4G LTE SIM that enabled internet and cloud connected features with satellite navigation making it ultra modern. Sixthly, the direct easy EMI option provided by the company.

All these popularised the debut and it was of no wonder that the motorbike sold like chatpata chaat at the seaside evening. In just two hours worth ₹ 50 crores of motorcycles were sold of RV400 and the company had to close their booking window in less than 2 hours as the production was limited. The incident was a sure indicator for the EV companies about how eager Indian Youths prefer speed and of course, Motorcycles.

Youths mostly prefer Motorcycles

The regular oil price rising and the luring incentives after FAME-II subsidy provided by the Central Government is also a major factor in popularising the Electric counterpart of the conventional fuel powered Motorcycles in India, which as a fact cannot be denied.

Today, let’s dig a bit about the presently available Electric Motorcycle companies in Indian market and their products with their features and also a little bit about the upcoming Electric Motorcycles and what they are promising to offer. All the motorcycles discussed here will be of High Speed Variants, i.e. of more than 25 kms speed limit capabilities. The low speed variants will be discussed in another article which might be well desired merely for their looks and be useful in overcrowded city streets for sure.


Revolt RV 400:

Revolt RV 400 comes in 3 colour options

Revolt 400 is named first as it came first and ushered hope for high speed electric motorbike lovers. The bike has 3 modes in total, The Eco mode , the City mode and the Sport mode for speed lovers.

Range: 156 km ARAI certified.

Top Speed: 85 kmph in Sport Mode. 65 kmph in City Mode and 45 kmph in Eco Mode

Charging Time: 75% in 3 hours and 100% in 4.5 hours.

Price: About 1,34,998 Delhi Ex showroom.

Features: Smartphone connectivity, Geo fencing, Portable battery, Multiple exhaust sound, available in Rebel Red, Mist Grey and Cosmic Black colours.

Status of availability: All sold out, Booking will open soon.

For details Click HERE > https://www.revolt-motor.com/apply-now

Revolt RV 300:

RV 1 will take the place of RV 300

Range: Max 180 km

Top Speed: 65 kmph

Charging Time:100% in 4.2 hours

Price: Starting from ₹ 1,04,019

Status of availability: Discontinued by the company.

Revolt RV 1:

RV1 will be less priced than RV 300

It will be the budget version of RV 400

Range: Expected Max 150 km

Top Speed: Max 65 kmph expected.

Charging Time: Max 5 hours expected

Price: Expected ₹ 75,000 to ₹ 80,000.

Features: Full digital instrument cluster, Smartphone connectivity, Portable battery,

Status of availability: Expected launch May 2022. Booking not started.

Tork Kratos R/ Tork Kratos :

Range: Max 120 km

Top Speed: 105 kmph for Kratos R and 100 kmph for Kratos

Charging Time: 4 to 5 hours

Price: Kratos R-1,37,499 and Kratos – 1,22,499

Features: Regenerative braking, Multi Drive Mode, Geofencing, Crash alert, Track mode, Motor walk assist, Find my vehicle, Kratos R is available in White,Blue,Red, Black, and Kratos in White only

Status of availability: Booking is open. For booking and details

Click HERE> https://booking.torkmotors.com/

Pure EV E Tryst 350:

IIT Hydrabad backed startup Pure EV will also be producing a motorbike along with E-Scooters named Pure EV E-Tryst 350. They are planning to inaugurate it’s launch on 15th August,2022.

E Tryst is yet to come on the road

Range: Max 120 km expected

Top Speed: Max 85 kmph (Thrill Mode 85 kmph; Cross Over Mode 75 kmph; Drive Mode 60 kmph.)

Charging Time: Max 6 hours

Price: ₹ 1,54,999

Features: Regenerative braking, Portable battery, Smartphone connectivity,

Status of availability: Somewhere in or after August 2022.

For enquiry Click HERE> https://pureev.in/enquiry/index.html

For video review of the bike from showroom See this video from King Indian

click at the MIDDLE to see the video

Okinawa Okhi 100:

OKHI 100 will be the first E-motorcycle from Okinawa

Range: Max 150 km

Top Speed: 100 kmph

Charging Time: Min 2 hours

Price: About ₹1 lakh

Features: Full digital instrument cluster, Smartphone connectivity, Regenerative braking,

Status of availability: Expected Launch in September,2022.Booking not started yet.

Oben Rorr EV:

Oben Rorr charges in 2 hrs

Range: Max 200 km

Top Speed: Max 100 kmph

Charging Time: Min 2 hours

Price: starts from 1 lakh

Features: Smartphone connectivity, full digital instrument cluster, theft protection, Available in Yellow,Red and Black

Status of availability: Booking open, Delivery from July,2022

For Booking CLICK HERE https://www.obenev.com/

Komaki M5 Eco:

KLB KOMAKI PVT. LTD. manufactures in India with advance technology from Japan.

Komaki M5 Eco comes in only golden colour

Range: Max 90 km

Top Speed: Max 60kmph

Charging Time: Max 4 to 5 hours

Price: ₹ 1,23,500 ex showroom Delhi

Features: Full Digital instrument cluster, Tubeless tyres, Full detachable battery, Nitro filled shock absorbers, Self diagnosis of problems and self repair function.

Status of availability: Booking open. For Booking Click HERE https://komaki.in/book-now

Ultraviolet the F 77:

Range: Max 150 km in real world

Top Speed: 140 kmph ( as claimed

Charging Time: Max 6 hours

Price: Around ₹ 3 lakhs for the base variant.

Features: Remote OTA (over the air) diagonistics, navigation, smartphone and SIM connectivity,Full digital instrument cluster

Status of availability: For details and preorder Click HERE> https://www.ultraviolette.com/

Cyborg GT 120:

Indian startup company Ignitron Motocorp

Range: Max 180 km

Top Speed: Max 125 kmph

Charging Time: Max 4 to 5 hours

Price: Approx. ₹ 1.75 lakh

Features: Geo locate, Geo fencing, Full digital instrument cluster, keyless ignition, 3 riding modes, Swappable battery, Different sound change options

Status of availability: Click HERE> https://cyborgev.com/gt_120

Cyborg Yoda :

Cruiser Concept Electric Motorcycle

Range: Max 150 km

Top Speed: Max 90 kmph

Charging Time: Max 4 to 5 hours

Price: starts at ₹ 1.84 lakh

Features: Geo locate, Geo fencing, Full digital instrument cluster, keyless ignition, 3 riding modes, Swappable battery

Status of availability: For details Click HERE> https://cyborgev.com/product

Komaki Ranger:

India’s first Electric Cruiser Motorcycle

Range: Max 160 to 200 km

Top Speed: Max 60 to 80 kmph (expected)

Charging Time: 6 to 8 hours expected.

Price: ₹ 1,74,500 ex showroom Delhi

Features: Led additional headlamps, Side stand sensor, Bluetooth sound system, Mobile connectivity, Reverse assist, front and rear disc brake, flame effect exhaust

Status of availability: Click HERE> https://komaki.in/book-now

Cyborg Bob e:

Range: Max 110 km

Top Speed: 85 kmph

Charging Time: Full charge 4 to 5 hours

Price: Starts at ₹ 94,999

Features: IP 65 rated led display, Cruise control, Reverse mode, Regenerative braking,

Status of availability:. For details Click HERE> https://cyborgev.com/bob_e

Trouve e bike:

IIT Delhi incubated EV startup Trouve Motors and first blockchain integrated EV company. Arun Sunny is the founder of Trouve Motor in India.

Trouve Motors is planning to launch 4 E bikes

Range: 350 to 500 km (claimed)

Top Speed: 200 kmph (claimed)

Charging Time: Max 4 to 5 hours

Price: Around ₹ 10 lakh

Features: TFT touchscreen instrument cluster, Smartphone connectivity, 360 degree camera,Real time vehicle diagnostics,

Status of availability: somewhere in mid 2022. Booking not Open yet.

Earth Energy Evolve Z

Rushi Singhani is the founder and CEO of Earth Energy

Range: Max 100 km

Top Speed: Max 95 kmph

Charging Time: Max 2 to 3 hours

Price: ₹ 1.32 lakh

Features: dedicated app based interface, Anti theft protection, full digital instrument cluster, Led head and tail lights,Tubeless tyres.

Status of availability: Yet to be launched. For Contact Click HERE> https://www.grushie-energy.com/copy-of-evolver

Earth Energy Evolve R

Cruiser Concept Electric Motorcycle

Range: Max 110 km

Top Speed: Max 110 kmph

Charging Time: Max 2 to 3 hours.

Price: Expected ₹ 1.42 lakh

Features: Smartphone connectivity, Trip history, Full digital instrument cluster, Smart diagnosis with 270 parameters, Navigation,

Status of availability: Yet to be launched. For contact about booking Click HERE > https://www.grushie-energy.com/copy-of-evolver

Triumph TE-1

Expected to launch in 2023 in India UK based Triumph Motorcycles has also felt the potential of Electric Motorcycle and is going to produce high end speed bikes in India.

Triumph wii be available in 2023

PRICE OF TRIUUMPH TE-1 : Around ₹ 15 lakh

Other specifications are not known yet.

( The prices discussed here are all ex showroom and after FAME II subsidy and all are approximate prices and can change. The images shown are never intended for copyright violation and for representation only. We acknowledge gratitude to all the image owners)

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