Tata Electric SUV launch:

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Tata Motors , according to the schedule unveiled it’s first ever Electric SUV concept Tata CURVV on the 6th April, 2022 at 12 noon. Tata has already in it’s armoury two widely sold Electric cars in India Tata Nexon and Tata Tigor EVs but there was no SUV. The new car will meet up the need of an all Electric SUV in Indian market. The new car will be a midsize premium compact SUV that is both classy in the interiors and futuristic at the exterior.


The all electric Tata Curvv

Tata Motors new Electric SUV Tata CURVV is a midsize compact premium SUV that has a sheer evolution of design and comfort. Tata CURVV unlike Nexon and Tigor will be launched as an EV first. The ICE (internal combustion engine) variant will also be launched of CURVV later.

The Evolution of SUV Design in Tata CURVV:

According to Tata Motors “The CURVV concept from Tata Motors introduces a dynamic and modern SUV typology.”

“The concept of CURVV merges the toughness and durability of an mid size SUV with an ‘elegant and sporty silhouette of a Coupe.’roofline. It looks that the CURVV has found the perfect balance between elegance, performance and practicality in it’s concept of design both exteriors and interiors.

The ALFA arc Platform:

The ALFA arc Platform is flexible to work with

The new SUV seems to be based on TATA’s recent ALFA arc.(Agile Light Flexible Advanced) architecture platform primarily based on Jaguar Landrover (JGR) concept SUVs. This platform is compatible to innovate through different body styles and electric/hybrid powertrains. This platform has been developed to provide maximum boot space, rear legroom and utility space around the driver and have been successful in Nexon, Altroz ,Tigor and Tiago.

The Exterior of Tata CURVV:

The exterior of the new Tata CURVV is maintaining the same sharpness and edgy features as observed in Tata cars in recent days. Furthermore the new SUV will be more futuristic and animatic in term of looks.

The Front:

As Tata Motors reveals, the exterior design of the new concept Curvv ” has a charismatic presence with a raised ride height, tough cladding and dynamic proportions. The large offset of the front and rear fenders gives a sense of power on the wheels. This, along with the strong section through the cladding help set up a solid and balanced stance. The slim upper DRL and triangular headlamp design give a recognizable signature and incorporate an animated welcome feature as one approaches the CURVV. “The protruding Tata logo just at the middle attached with the DRL also looks elegant. A new design language is formed with the LED long strip running across almost the whole front of the SUV.

The Triangular headlamps are novel

The front lower bumper of car is also unique with ” a grooved pattern that gives a feeling of precision, a theme that is repeated at the rear and on the wheels’ aero blade design, giving a connected and holistic feel. The Day Light Opening has a typical SUV coupe like graphic which flows into the C-pillar and deck lid. The wheel arch cladding and lower sill give a real sense of toughness and durability that an SUV needs, while the high-gloss black finish gives a premium feel.”

The Back:

The back has protruding Tata logo with EV sign

The protruding Tata logo at the back of CURVV looks same as the front. The EV sign just at the place of exhaust tailpipe for ICT engines are blazing the lower back of the car. The back windshield has LED glowing at the bottom and there is a sleek roof mounted spoiler. The back doors are longer and the whole back has a longer overhang.

The blazing back

The new SUV Tata Curvv has a strong aerodynamics all over the body. As Tata Motors reveals that ” the floating bonnet allows air flow to channel underneath, exiting through triangular features further up the surface. The floating C-pillar continues the aerodynamic theme, with airflow across the body side and underneath the pillar, exiting at the side of the rear screen. The wheels also have aero blade inserts to close up the open area and allow better airflow across the surfaces, and diamond turned finished surfaces give a high graphical contrast.” The “Signature LED lamps that surround the rear screen are a unique feature, and together with the horizontal light bar, they reinforce the width and a high-tech feel of the concept.”

The interior of Tata CURVV:

The elegant simple dashboard

Tata has given equal importance in the interior of Curvv also. What strikes me is the simplicity of the interior as per the design and look are concerned. The LED driver panel and LED navigation screen are just put side by side. Tata Motors says that ” the interior is impressively spacious and focused. Resolutely modern and uncluttered, it integrates state-of-the-art onboard technologies and HMI.

The boarders will never feel claustrophobic in the car with lots of open space in it. The cabin looks premium which is largely achieved by curating a strikingly dynamic interior with a bold yet smart colour, materials and finishes direction. The carefully selected elements of the interior illustrate the brand vision and appeal to the active customer. Smart interior packaging will allow for generous space for occupants and luggage alike.”

Picture for representation only

The large panoramic glass roof in the car that integrates the rear spoiler with the roofline also provides the cockpit of CURVV with a sense of freedom and abundant of natural light. Tata Motors has paid a keen eye of detailing on the he split rear spoiler that allows ” the centre line to maintain the SUV Coupe silhouette while flowing into the rear screen through the short deck lid.

The CURVV is both compact and spacious

Tata CURVV Range:

Tata’s two running on road cars ,the Nexon EV and the Tigor EV have ARAI-certified ranges of 312 km and of 306km respectively. These ranges drop significantly in the real world condition. Both of these EVs end up offering a range near 200km . Tata’s new CURVV all electric concept SUV is developed by keeping this problem of electric vehicles in mind and with the design philosophy of “less is more.” and may focus on the range anxiety experience in Nexon and Tigor EVs.

Hence it is speculated that the range of the new Tata CURVV will be something between 400 km to 500 km per charge as it is possible to achieve that range according to Tata Motors.However no clear statement of range is declared by the company for CURVV.


Tata CURVV Price:

As Tata Motors has only launched the concept car of CURVV, no price related declaration is confirmed. However it is speculated that the price will be somewhat between ₹ 20 to 30 lakhs for the Electric SUV.

Tata CURVV Future:

Tata Motors believes that ” with an inherently expressive design, the concept CURVV will appeal to new age progressive customers who are ahead of the curve and truly appreciate the value of #DifferentbyDesign

Through CURVV Tata Motors is entering into the all Electric SUV segment though it would take like two more years to put it on the road. Tata Motors has been considered consistent with safety and reliability and in the past years they have been well respected for sharp and edgy designs also. According to official sales figures given by Tata, it has increased the sales of EVs by 353% in the country where the EVs are at just in the beginning phase.

The new CURVV surely will be a outstanding object of interest and debate over the EV enthusiasts and is also expected to set a benchmark in Indian all Electric SUV concept.

All acknowledgement: Tata Motors

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