Pravaig Electric cars | Is Made in India car an answer to Tesla?

Pravaig Extinction

Pravaig electric cars made by ‘Pravaig dynamics’ based in Jaipur, are soon to be launched in Indian roads are said by the car lovers is India’s answer to Elon Musk’s Tesla cars.The Exinction-MK I has already been tested and featured in some of the Youtube channels has already created senastion all over.But the car will not available for the buyers as the company will not sell these cars for personal use.

Pravaig Extinction MKI

Pravaig MKI prototype

Pravaig MKI is claimed to go about 504 kms with a single charge.With a 96 kWh battery and 201 hp motor the top speed one can get is about 195 kms/h. The car is estimated to be priced between 30 to 35 lakhs which will have all the security and comfort features of a luxury sedan. The company aims to produce about 2500 MKI cars annually.The prototype of MKI has been revealed but is yet not available to buy for on road usage.

Pravaig Extinction MK2

MK2 will be more refined and realistic

Another Pravaig superhero Pravaig MK2 is aimed to be launched in 2022. Armed with all the capabilities of MKI, it is claimed to have 80 percent of charge in just 30 minutes. It will be more realistic in terms of usage and price . With design inspired from France and technology from India the MK2 must be the game changer in electric car segment.The company has already shifted it’s base from Jaipur to Bengaluru and set up it’s battery assembly facility near the city.They are presumed to be hiring assembly facilities from Tata Motors.The company is also talking with some third party leasing companies who would provide sedan experience in rental basis to customers.

The competition ahead

The luxury EV for premium people

Though Extinction MKI and MK2 prototypes are miles ahead in look against competition to other EVs that are in the market now,but in reality the cars are not on road yet.Still the business model planned by Pravaig is opt not to get into any competition with the existing or upcoming EVs as they have plan to provide cars to the luxury hotels, corporates and business houses in adaptation or lease basis. Pravaig will have control over the business with full responsibility of installation of drivers,recharge and maintenance of their EVs.This business model is truely unique which may open new platforms to other future businesses as well.

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