Microlino, the not so car, car concept is production ready now to fly along the urban streets of Switzerland and EU. The bubbly, cute quadricycle is promising to provide a contemporary solution to urban personal mobility and parking space. Let’s dig deep.

Microlino 2.0 will soon be on roads

Microlino: Micro Size:

Micro Mobility Systems AG, A startup set up in Switzerland in 1999 has charmed the whole world with their new innovation, Microlino, a not so car all electric quadricycle vehicle which is compact, lightweight and effective enough to solve the problem of personal day to day mobility and providing a real life solutions to parking and environmental issues regarding vehicle emission.

Built on the concept of the erstwhile Isetta cars of the 1950s which was immensely popular in the different parts of the world, Microlino seems also to become a greatly adorable one, as the world is in need for both the solution of pollution free mobility and parking problem.

The Isetta model ( source: wikipedia)

After the manufacturing of Microlino 1.0, the company has declared to launch more refined and modern Microlino 2.0 this year in Switzerland first and then to the EU countries though they will be built in Italy . More than 20 thousand customers have already booked reservations for this cute little bubble.

Microlino: Specifications:

The front lights of Microlino

First shown in the 86th Geneva Motor Show in 2016, the Microlino is conceptualized to provide a urban solution for the space and environmental problems related with urban personal mobility in general. After finding out that the average car in Switzerland is occupied with 1.6 passengers and covers about 36.8 km on an average journey, Microlino is a straight answer to the overengineered urban cars.( source: Wikipedia)

The top 3 rated colours chosen from worldwide survey

Lightweight aluminium body with reinforced steel doors and independent suspension on all it’s four wheels provides Microlino 2.0 riders both safety and comfort. Its self supporting unibody structure is unique which will provide improved safety and driving behaviour,as the company claimed.

Like the original Isetta, Microlino 2.0 also offers a seating capacity of two person with the door opening at the front. Let’s look at its dimensions:

Length: 2519 mm

Width: 1473 mm

Height: 1501 mm

Weight: 535 kg kerb weight.

Trunk volume: 230 litres

Seats: 2 person

2 person can sit side by side

Microlino: Speed and Range:

The maximum speed is 90 kmph and the maximum range is 230 km ( Three range available 97 km, 175 km and 230 km)

The simple interior cockpit

Microlino: Power:

Max Power: 12.5 kW

Acceleration: 0 to 50 kmph in 5 seconds

Max Torque: 89 Nm

Microlino: Battery:

Battery type: Lithium ion ( NMC/ NCA)

Charging Power: ( Type 2 charging)

Charging Time: 6 kWh takes 4 hours ; 10.5 kWh takes 3 hours and 14 kWh takes 4 hours

Microlino 2.0 Launch:

Watch Microlino 2.0 virtual launch here:

Microlino 2.0 launched virtually

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( Images Courtesy : Microlino)

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