What is world environment day? Why should We care about? Can we save our environment still after a lot of damage? How can We save ourselves from destruction?

Human Destruction all over Earth:

Stop destroying Future ( img:

Human beings are more prone to suicidal tendencies by all means in comparison to other animals. They have created civilization with the blood and sweat that flew like flood for thousands of years, they have shaped it and gained all the advantages over other creatures ever known. And yet in the final call they are trying to blow out the same civilization in the name of progress and development.

The climate of the earth is heated up like the inside of a hot baloon, many species are being extinct or in the verge of extinction. Pollution is rising continuously. Some people have started to believe that the eath must be left in the distant future to make up colonies in other planets to save human civilization from extinction. This is a sham. We have #OnlyOneEarth and only one home and we must protect it from the people trying to escape leaving the common people behind after exploiting our mother Earth.

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Save the Environment:

Here is the time to think seriously. Do We want our children to die a writhing, painful death planted by our greed and unmanagble consumer habits? Do We want to slap tight on our own faces that want a green and fresh air to breathe on? Do We want us to go again to start from amoeba on a re evolution journey after a complete destruction of the environment and the creatures ( humans included)?

A little bit of brain, some simple habit changes, some sustainable natural practices and sheding out all consuming greed ; can save us from the impending extinction coming to us.

Friend, it’s not yet too late. Those who are advocating for interplanetary migration are the people who have acquired wealth far more than they could have thought but it didn’t provide them a good night’s sleep. They are trying to make themselves satisfied by creating contagious nightmares.

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Love Our Home,the Environment:

Whenever I return home from outside, the sense of security I feel is beyond words. And it is true to each and everyone out in the earth. This Earth is our home. This environment is our home. We have forgotten that. The consumer society has made us forgotten that Our existence is rooted in the existence of this environment. Without inventing ACs we should have been planting more and more trees around us. We have made mistakes. We are paying the price. Now it’s time to rectify it. We have to build this home again.

Aranya Shasthi Festival:

Aranya Shasthi is observed in household worshipping plants

This 5th June, We Bengalee people celebrate “Aranya Shasthi” ( Forest Godess Shasthi, who looks after the well being of our offsprings), which is a festival where fast and rituals are observed for the well being of our offsprings. We worship Banyan and Peepul tree in Shasthi Festival and Bamboo and Turmeric leaves are touched on the forehead of our children and a white string coloured with turmeric paste is tied on their hands. Thus the culture of preserving the future generation is blended with the preservation of the plants and greeneries. Children thus learn that their well-being is intermingled with the wellbeing of the leaves and plants around them.

Children are being introduced with the observation that celebrates nature and people as inseperable parts.

Sustainable Practices:

We must start sustainability in our personal life, social life, in our acts and words, in our education and entertainment. In every sectors and aspects of our lives, We must think and do sustainable practices. This is not because We are doing great things for the environment but because We have no other option left other than this to save us from destruction. Please understand, dying painful death is easy but watching Your children dying painful death………Please start loving Your children.Om Shantih.




What is World Environment Day? When it is celebrated?

In the year 1972, United Nation’s general assembly established the World Environment Day at Stockholm Conference to create environment consciousness among people. From then on from 1974, in every year on 5th June the World Environment Day is observed worldwide. Every year a different country is made the host of the World Environment Day and a new theme on saving the environment is taken.

Who is the host of World Environment Day in 2022?

In 2022, the host of the World Environment Day is Sweden.

What is the theme of World Environment Day 2022?

In the year 2022, the theme of 5th June, the World Environment Day is taken as Only One Earth.

What is the focus of World Environment Day,2022?

The #OnlyOneEarth theme focuses on the togetherness of the world that must direct to create an atmosphere of peace, harmony, prosperity and health by saving the nature and the life that only the nature nourishes. We must adopt a pollution free and green lifestyle that will sustain the balance of the earth. Not only that We have to create an atmosphere as green as it was 50 years ago. We have to save our home, this planet at any cost.

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  1. Good one. Creating a forest takes a decade but destructing it takes few weeks. Unfortunately greedy people are increasing day by day than environment friendly people. If everybody raises at least two plants, we can expect good environment in a decade to see our children and grandchildren in a happy environment. I am doing my bit.


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