Tata Tigor:

Tata Tigor- launched and succeeded

Tata Motor’s one of the most successful mid range premium hatchback Tata Tigor has come with an electric version in India in August 2021. Very recently it is also launched in Nepal. It is now the most affordable Electric Sedan in India and now in Nepal and is also one of the safest with 4 star in Global NCAP crash test. Powered with Tata’s Ziptron EV powertrain technology, this EV is the talk of the town for EV lovers .The Original Tata Tigor has been already praised for it’s edgy design and smart features .Petrol and Diesel and also the CNG variants had many distinguished features that are kept intact in the new Tigor EV but at the same time it has been given a Electric look to make it stand apart in the crowd. Let’s take a deep look about the Electric car and it’s features.


According to Tata Motors the Tigor EV is a perfect option for all the aspiring sedan buyers who look to own an EV that is technologically advanced, comfortable and high on safety standards. Being an environment friendly vehicle, it is an irresistible choice for buyers for it’s features, looks and price.Two colour options are available ; the Signature Teal Blue and the Daytona Grey.

A clear distinction with the dual tone in Tigor EV

Tigor EV Exteriors:

Tigor EV seems having almost the same look as the original Tata Tigor but it has many novelties if looked closely. The car comes with AIS048 paint which is nail penetration protected so it’s literally mildly scratch proof. TATA gives a detailed specifications about its look from outside.

Dual Colour options:

Two colour options are available ; the Signature Teal Blue and the Daytona Grey.

Redesigned Front Grille:

Designed in tandem with the EV theme and Tri-Arrow

The Tata Tigor EV front grille has been redesigned from the old Tigor. It has been given EV theme with the Tri-Arrow Motif, as a unique signature statement of Electric Version at the very front.

Unique Body Roof Tone:

The dual tone gives a certain pleasing view

With Signature Teal Blue and glossy black roof and the window meeting points the car looks stunningly outstanding. The pleasing aesthetic reveals the novelty of Tata Motors new Electric Car.

Eye Catching LED DRL:

LED-DRL looks like eyebrow.

The bold and Eye catching LED DRL (Daytime Running Lights) that are attached to the grills just at the upper position of the headlamps give Tigor EV a striking appearance like an eyebrow.

Humanity Line:

Electrifying Humanity Lines in Electric version

The old Tigor already had sharp front lines but the new Tigor EV boasts of Tata’s unique artistic prowess of sharp and edgy electrifying humanity lines which makes the EV markedly different from other cars at the roads.

Hyper Styled Wheels:

A certain statement of being Electric.

The Old Tigor has a sturdy and stylish Wheels which has been made is more stylish in the Electric version. Now the single glance at the look of the wheels make it’s being Electric statement.

Tigor EV Interiors:

The whole interors is themed new for EV version

The interors in Tigor EV has a digital cluster of control and navigation. The Harman infotainment system that is of 17.78 cm or 7 inch touchscreen is fixed at the eye level for optimum operation. The car has automatic climate control and cruise control.Even the seats are toned according to the EV theme. The steering is flat bottomed for better and comfortable operation with best grip. The unseen interors like the battery, motor and power electronic components are IP67 certified ( see details in battery) with short circuit protection and shock protection.

The dashboard has dual Colour and flat bottom steering wheel

Tigor EV range:

Tigor EV has an ARAI certtified range of 306 kms under standard testing situations. However under real road condition the range will decrease. In the city if driven around 60 kmph speed,it must be able to give more than 220 kms in a single charge. In the highways with increasing speed the range will obviously go down a bit.

Tigor EV Top Speed:

The top speed of Tigor EV on the speedometers is 120 kmph. However in real world the top speed is about 115 kmph. To get optimum range it is advised to drive the EV between 60 to 80 kmph speed.

Tigor EV Battery:

The ZIPTron battery pack

The battery pack of Tigor is IP67 ( protected against intrusion, dust, accidental contact and water) rated with a peak power output of 55 kW and 74.7 PS and with it’s peak torque of 170Nm. The liquid cooled high density battery has a power of 26 kWh. The battery comes with a warranty of 8 years or 1,60,000 Km ( One lakh sixty thousand) whichever is earlier. The motor also has the same warranty of 8 years. The battery has overcharging protection ability. The ZIPTRON battery technology gives a powerful performance and durability over a wide range of operating temperatures over time.

Tigor EV Charging Option and Time:

The battery can be charged at Home plug point

Tigor EV battery can be charged at home and even at workplace. Easy charging Options are available with the car. What one need is just a 15 Amp plug point to charge the car. Full charge takes about 8 hrs and 45 minutes. The battery and charger is capable of fast charging. It takes only 65 minutes to charge from 0 to 80%. Tata Motors is also giving free home charging installation upon request.

Tata Tigor Price in India:

In India Tata Tigor is available in 4 vairants;

Tigor EV XE:

Price ₹ 12,24,000 INR ( Twelve lakh twenty four thousand rupees)

Tigor EV XM :

Price ₹ 12,74,000 INR ( Twelve lakh seventy four thousand rupees)

Tigor EV XZ+ :

Price ₹ 13,24,000 INR ( Thirteen lakh twenty four thousand rupees)

Tigor EV XZ+ DT :

Price ₹ 13,39,000 INR ( Thirteen lakh thirty nine thousand rupees)

Tata Tigor Price in Nepal:

In Nepal only 3 variants will be available.

Tigor EV XE Nepal:

Priced at 29.99 Lakh Nepalese Rupee.

Tigor EV XM Nepal:

Priced at 31.49 Lakh Nepalese Rupee.

Tigor EV XZ+ Nepal:

Priced at 32.99 Lakh Nepalese Rupee. It has dual tone option available.

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