Hero Electric is quite a visionary

Hero Electric is India’s first manufacturer and the market leader of producing electric two wheelers for the common people. They have produced Electric bicycles and Electric scooters that have been contributing for negative emission in the Indian roads resulting in positivity and green energy. Being the visionary and green environment enthusiast pioneer, they deserve Our attention. Let’s find out a bit of details about them.

The Legacy of Hero:

According to HEROelectric the heritage of HERO is proudly carried by the concern. It says….

” In the year 1956, the foundation of brand HERO was laid by Late Mr. Dayanand Munjal with a vision of providing mobility to millions in India. In the following years, the brand expanded itself enormously in varied fields like Bicycles, Motorcycles, Healthcare, among others and became the most renowned & trusted name in India and others parts of the world.

Mr. Vijay Munjal image courtesy:gettyimages and Sajjad Hussain

After the family businesses were realigned, Kross Bikes, Hero Exports, and Mediva came under the umbrella of Hero EcoTech, the business congregate headed by Mr. Vijay Munjal.

Hero Electric is India’s first and largest manufacturer of electric 2-wheelers with hundreds of thousands happy customers and growing.”

Friend of the Environment:

HEROelectric boasts of being a responsible concern to contribute to the green personal transportation solutions and sustainability even before the time when people were truely becoming conscious of the effect of fossil fuelled vehicles and their long term effects on the planet earth. According to them…

” HERO ELECTRIC is a pioneer and market leader in the Indian Electric Two-Wheeler industry. We have been the front runner for Electric Mobility in India for over a decade. We believe in offering an ecological 2-wheeler solution to our consumers, which above all else, gives our customers excellent value for money. Hero Electric’s endeavour to make the country greener with ‘Zero Pollution’ transportation through its wide range of Electric Vehicles, is supported by our Mission of “No Emission”. Hero Electric is a SA 8000 certified organization that is environmentally conscious, socially responsible and professionally ethical in its business operations.”

HEROelectric is coming with more newer and smarter models

Hero Electric currently has over 750 (and rapidly expanding) sales and service outlets spread across the country along with a widespread charging network and trained roadside mechanics on EVs. It has a lot of firsts in the industry ranging from developing and launching the first lithium ion based electric scooters in India to launching the unique concept of charging stations for anywhere, everywhere charging. With over 4.5 lakh electric two-wheelers in India, the company has been delivering sustainable travel solutions over the past 15 years and counting & has played a crucial role in developing and promoting the EV market in the country.

Partnership with Mahindra Group:

Hero Electric has gone into a strategic partnership with the Mahindra group recently on January 19th, 2022; to focuss on the electric two wheelers more effectively. Hero electric will be manufacturing some of the e scooters from Mahindra’s manufacturing plant at Pitampur in Madhya Pradesh.

Hero electric in collaboration with Mahindra is focussed to enhance it’s two wheeler manufacturing capacity to a million by this year to meet up the demand of the market that is in true transition phase from fossil fuelled two wheelers to environment friendly electric bikes.

The MD of Hero Electric, Mr. Navven Munjal said, “This coming together of two industry leaders is to further enhance the manufacturing capabilities to meet demand and utilize Mahindra Group’s robust supply chain to reach newer centers in the country. The long-term partnership will also see both the companies make the most out of each other’s deep knowledge of EVs and drive new product development in the next few years. We look forward to creating more synergies with them in the near future.”

Mahindra owns Peugeot Motorcycles

Talking about the partnership Mr.Rajesh Jejurikar, the executive director of Auto & Farm Sectors in Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd said, “Peugeot Motocycles has ambitious plans in the EV mobility space in several regions of the world and particularly in Europe. This strategic partnership will bolster these efforts through joint development and a platform sharing approach leveraging the combined strengths of the two businesses. Our R&D Centre in India will be integral to this arrangement as will the manufacturing facility at Pitampur, that already supplies Peugeot with EV products.I see significant value creation on a mutually beneficial basis and look forward to this partnership delivering on its obvious promise.”

Mahindra group has it’s own stake in the French two wheeler company Peugeot that sells two wheelers mainly in Europe and other countries.

As part of the partnership, Mahindra Group will manufacture Hero Electric’s most popular electric bikes – Optima & NYX at their Pitampur plant to meet the growing demands of the market. With this collaboration along with the expansion of their existing Ludhiana facility, Hero will be able to meet its demand of manufacturing over 1 million EVs per year by 2022. This will further enable them to drive adoption of a cleaner mode of transport.

HEROelectric and SUN Mobility Partnership :

Hero Electric has also partnered with Sun Mobility to deploy electric two-wheelers integrated with the Sun’s smart- swappable battery technology. As part of the partnership, Hero Electric and SUN Mobility jointly will begin deployments in the next three months with a target of around 10,000 electric two-wheelers by the end of the year 2022.

Hero Electric and Sun Mobility would create an ecosystem where the customer has access to the latest battery technologies throughout the product lifecycle without incurring repetitive costs of purchase. They would also collaborate on innovative financing options making it easier for customers to go electric.

Battery swapping is a very new concept in the country. Sun Mobility’s battery technology and the interoperability of battery swapping infrastructure will enable Hero Electric’s customers to own electric two-wheelers without having to worry about battery and charging infrastructure. As battery charging in the midway of travelling is a great disturbance for both time and psychological worries.

Hero Electric also also addresses the issue of extensive charging times and range anxiety. As the batteries can be swapped in a matter of minutes, the network of Quick Interchange Stations allows for a ‘refuelling’ infrastructure that is faster, cheaper, and more convenient than the conventional petrol and diesel pumps for ICE vehicles. This solution also works on a Pay-Per-Use model that empowers individuals, e-commerce companies, and fleet operators to easily adopt electric mobility for last-mile connectivity.

Mr. Chetan Maini is quite optimistic with the partnership

Chetan Maini, Co-Founder and Chairman of Sun Mobility, and the founder of India’s first Electric Car REVA said, “The confluence of Hero Electric’s futuristic vision on understanding the EV space and the pros of the battery swapping technology, along with the government’s commendable initiatives to come up with tangible policies, will definitely augur well with our common goal to accelerate the demand and adoption of EVs in the country.”

Partnership with State Bank of India:

Hero Electric has also gone into a smart partnership with the largest bank of the country the State Bank of India to offer easy financing options to its buyers. After this alliance the buyers will also be able to bring down the effective price of electric vehicles. Hero Electric buyers with the help of SBI can now get a boost to change into green vehicle solution.

According to a statement shared by the company, Hero Electric buyers will get an additional Rs 2,000 off on payments made through YONO, SBI’s digital banking platform. This partnership will allow customers to opt for a fully digital and paperless two-wheeler loan with a click. Hero Electric also announced that physical assistance and offline financing can be availed across all the Hero Electric touchpoints in the country.

SBI will make buying green scooters easy for Commoners

According to a statement released after the alliance by SBI Chief General Manager ,Devendra Kumar (Personal Banking Business Unit)” Eligible SBI customers can get instant digital two-wheeler loan “SBI Easy Ride” through YONO. They can avail the loan at an EMI of as low as Rs 251/- per Rs 10,000 for 4 years under SBI Easy Ride loan. This initiative is a step further in the bank’s contribution towards the country’s green mobility revolution by making EVs affordable with lower EMIs.”

HEROelectric Bicycle:

Velocity Electric bicycle:

Type: Electric bicycle manual + battery driven

Price: Not yet disclosed

Max speed: N. A.

Max range: 50 km in a full charge

Special features: Front and rear disc brake, Light Alloy frame, Front telescopic suspension.

HEROelectric Scooters:

HEROelectric Scooters come with two variants Comfort Speed (LX) with speed maximum of 25 kmph and City Speed (HX) with speed more than 42 kmph. LX variants don’t need any license or registration. All prices are given here includes FAME II subsidies as given by the Govt. of India. State subsidies are not included. Registration charges, if needed will be extra.

Let’s take a close look on the electric bikes by HEROelectric..

Hero Atria LX

Two colour variants: red and grey

Type: comfort speed Electric scooter

Price: ₹ 66,640 ex showroom Delhi NCR

Max speed: 25 kmph

Max range: 85 km in full charge.

Full Charging Time: 4 to 5 hrs.

Special features: Digital instrument cluster, Walk assist, Daytime running lights, BTS suspension.

Hero Flash LX:

Two colour variants red and grey

Type: Comfort speed Electric scooter

Price: ₹ 59,640 ex showroom Delhi NCR

Max speed: 25 kmph

Max range: 50 km in full charge

Full Charging Time: 8 to 10 hrs

Special features: Digital instrument cluster, Alloy wheels, usb charger, Telescopic suspension

Hero Optima LX

Optima LX comes in white,grey,red and blue

Type: Comfort Speed Electric Scooter

Price: ₹ 67,440 ex showroom Delhi NCR

Max speed: 25 kmph

Max range: 85 km in full charge

Full Charging Time: 4 to 5 hrs.

Special features: Digital instrument cluster, usb port, Telescopic suspension, Alloy wheels

Hero Eddy LX

Eddy comes in Sky blue and Yellow

Type: Comfort speed modern Electric Scooter

Price: Not yet disclosed.

Max speed: 25 kmph

Max range: 85 km in a full charge

Full Charging Time: 4 to 5 hrs

Special Features: Digital instrument cluster, Reverse mode, Find my bike, Follow me,E lock.

Hero Photon HX

Photon comes in golden and black colour

Type: City Speed Electric Scooter (Need Registration)

Price: ₹ 74,240 ex showroom Delhi NCR

Max speed: 45 kmph

Max range: 90 km in a full charge

Full Charging Time: 5 hrs

Special Features: Digital instrument cluster, Alloy wheels, Portable battery, Remote lock and Anti theft alarm, Regenerative braking, Combi brakes for extra safety

Hero Optima HX

Type: City Speed Electric Scooter (Need Registration)

Price: ₹ 55,580 for single battery variant and ₹ 67, 540 for double battery variant ex showroom Delhi NCR.

Max speed: 42 kmph

Max range: 122 km in a full charge

Full Charging Time: 4 to 5 hrs.

Special features: Digital instrument cluster, Portable battery, Alloy wheels, Regenerative braking, Cruise control system

To know more about Optima Click this

Hero NYX HX (Dual Battery)

NYX comes in either black or white.

Type: City Speed Electric Scooter (Need Registration)

Price: ₹ 67,540 ex showroom Delhi NCR

Max speed: 42 kmph

Max range: 165 km in a full charge

Full Charging Time: 4 to 5 hrs.

Special features: Digital instrument cluster, Portable battery, Regenerative braking,Alloy wheels, Bottle holder,Split folding seat, Combi brakes for extra safety

The Future with HEROelectric:

HEROelectric is on mission green future

HEROelectric is serving with all the means possible towards creating a green future for the country as well as the planet. They have left no stone unturned to make green two wheelers a possible and affordable means of personal transportation.

The partnership of HEROelectric with Mahindra group for production and development, partnership with Sun Mobility Solutions for high class battery and alliance with State Bank of India to make their electric vehicles affordable are constant proofs of their zeal and determination to make a better and green world for the present and future generation.

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