Will Apple car be seen in 2025? (img: Apple World Today)

Is Apple Inc. upto making a car? Will Apple electric car be a wonder like the iPhone? What will be it’s features? How will be it different from other cars? When will it be launched? What will be the price of it?

Apple Electric Car:

We all know the name of Apple. It might be the object of desire for anybody and if I am talking about the iPhone, be prepared to add another apple in Your dream list. Apple Inc. is planning to launch a electric car which will be another wonder of technology after it is built and Apple Inc. is quite serious with their project.

Project Titan:

Apple Electric Car which is planned under Apple’s one of a dream project named Project Titan came into existence roughly in the year 2014. A former Apple employee Mr. Doug Field who joined Tesla later rejoined Apple in the year 2018 because of the project and started making a team. Apple since then is developing it’s vehicle which might be driverless and fully automatic and will be for personal use for mass market.

Since Apple Inc. has made it a top secret, no specific details have been found anywhere from them. But Project Titan is growing stealthily. The delay during the pandemic and other technical factors hints that the production ready model of Apple car might not be launched before 2025.

Buying of

A car (img: apple insider.)

Apple in the year 2019 has bought the promising self driving startup that was founded by graduate students at Stanford University in 2015. The artificial intelligence lab of the university was run by the famous AI expert Andrew Ng. who has been also the board member of The company was running it’s own ride hailing service with their autonomous cars in Texas. The buying of the startup had surely give a whooping boost to Apple’s project Titan. The technology can give a disruptive competition to other autonomous competitors of Apple.

Lidar Sensors:

How Lidar Sensor works (Img:Circuit digest)

Apple’s iphone 12 Pro and iPad Pro models have lidar sensors. These are the sensors that determine variable distances by targeting an object or a surface with laser beams and measure the time needed by the reflected light to reach or return to the receiver. Apple’s new car might have multiple lidar sensors to scan distances . According to Reuters, Apple had meetings with potential lidar suppliers. Apple also is thinking to build it’s own sensors for it’s own cars. The prospective car will obviously be AI enabled features with Siri.

Unique Battery:

Apple in it’s new car is also introducing unique batter technology to decrease Range Anxiety for the EV owners. It might use LFP technology ( Lithium Ferrous Phosphate or Lithium Iron alloy) or any other technology other than Lithium ion battery technology, that is not susceptible to overheating. According to an Apple insider the battery will be of ‘ next level’ ,just as the first time people saw in the iPhone. The battery is expected to reduce cost and increase range and will be based on ” single- cell design”

The Future:

Apple car is supposed to have no steering wheel and no pedals. It would be a definite and specific example of hands off driving. Though Apple has to face many competitors like Tesla, Tata, Hyundai, Suzuki and Waymo ( Google’s self driving car project) who are also planning with self driving cars or have launched already, still Apple has it’s own fan base around the world which might not dishearten it’s optimistic project at any cost.

Tata Avinya driverless car.



Will Apple car be driverless?

Yes, Apple is upto making special cars that will be driverless.

Why is Apple making driverless cars?

Driverless cars are the future as they will not make human mistakes and will be more safe and reliable.

When will Apple cars be seen on roads?

It will take a couple of years or more to see Apple driverless cars on roads, expected around 2026 or later.

What will be the price of these cars?

Very difficult to say as Apple cars a long way to be true. The price will be decided seeing other competitors in future.

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