Tata Nano ready in a plant years ago

How did Tata Nano come into existence? Why does it share a commonness to every Indian middle class people? Why do most Indian middle class people still dream of Tata Nano Electric car? Let’s take an emotional journey of one of the most emotional car of India, Tata Nano and the prospect of it’s relaunching in Electric Version.

Tata Nano and India:

Everytime my eyes come across any word like Nano, Tata Nano or Nano EV, my blood shuffles. There was a dream once a not so old man had seen, it was more like an epiphany, watching a man and his wife and his two children, on a rainy afternoon, on a scooter somewhere in any corner of this not so magical country. The asphalt road, drenched and reflected half of the sky and one of the child was trying to hold his neck high to see it but couldn’t.

Yes, the middle class people. Well, but Oh! You have no right to stop your children to watch the sky! So a dream was born and not so smart dream it was, as Smarter people always wins and always gains in deals. But Nano came and couldn’t win. Reasons are not important only Results are. The human world is too harsh, dear Parth! Here Results are written even before the exam.

Nano was meant for all. (img: Automotive news Europe.)

Nano as a Failure:

A one lakh car for every Indian and the cheapest car of the world tagged Tata Nano was the dream of a visionary who love the people and the country. Named as People’s car, the lightweight yet robustly built Nano was really a dream car. But the journey from dreaming to the production was not a very realistic one. The price of the base variant came more than 2.5 times of the price that the marketing claimed. Though people still were accepting it. Psychologically the tag of cheap usually sends the message of being bad. Nano was being symbolised as a car with low social status. And smaller cars with high mileage were not in the vogue then as it is today with the advantage of having network of rented cars like Uber and disadvantage of the high price of fossil fuels all over the world.

Tata Nano plant in Singur, WB ( img:az.com)

And the team could not manage properly, the impression was not good, the petty Indian politics didn’t support the dream motion, the marketing strategy was wrong. Actually everything went wrong then except the intention. It was a hard time ,fellas, it was a bad time.

Tata Nano had certain issues like stability because of lightweight body and a bit of faulty wiring( some cars caught fire due to wiring fault), but it was spacious,sturdy, with high ground clearance, fuel efficient and somewhat comfortable for long journeys even. In the hilly areas of Sikkim and Darjeeling, Tata Nano visited at ease. But overall the project was a failure.

Resurrection of Nano EV?

Tata Nano EV and Mr. Ratan Tata Sir

Recently Electra EV ( Electrodrive Powertrain Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) that offers powertrain solutions, systems and service to many companies including Tata Motors and which was founded by Sir Ratan Tata himself; has been in news because of the resurrection of the Tata Nano in electric avatar. Though the car is custom made and not for sale but We have seen Electra EV to present a new Nano EV to Mr. Ratan N. Tata in February,2022 who is seen delighted with the the car. Very recently in May, 2022 ,he has been spotted also using the car and coming to the Taj hotel at Mumbai driven by his manager Mr. Shantanu Naidu.

All these incidents give the media to prophesize that Tata Nano might be back as Electric car, and now might be as the Cheapest and the Safest Electric Car of the world. Though there is no signal from anybody from Electra EV or Tata Motors about this.

Nano Electra or Neo ( img: Electra ev)

Electra EV in their website describes ” With a 48V architecture, Nano ( branded as Neo) was a pioneering project for Electra EV, aiming to provide a FAME compliant EV powertrain solution to multiple fleet customers. The first beneficiary was one of India’s largest mobility platform companies. The 48V solution eliminates the design and operational complexities of a high voltage system while accommodating the performance requirements of light electric vehicles. It can be custom designed for similar cars or quadricycle offrings in that category.”

Will the car, the peppy and tangy Nano be never seen on Indian roads in it’s electric avatar? Well, Dreams may die an untimely death but it’s for sure the Dreamer never dies and comes back in it’s phoenix flight ever and again, forever and again.

Nano Electric and Sainik pod:

India’s first all electric app- free taxi hailing service managed by ex-servicemen presently is working only in Bengaluru with the Nano Electric cars that are able to provide a honorable range of about 120 kmph. Sainikpod Sit and Go is managed by the startup named Motherpod Innovations private Ltd. and Electra EV.

To rent the car, no app is needed, just the Green Light on them shows they are available. After calling or hailing and entering into the car, the passenger has to give a missed call at the number provided in the car. To ensure utmost safety necessary features like Acrylic partition, Panic Button, Smart meter and Speed governer are provided for the passengers.

One could easily experience thus an All Electric Nano by riding on a Sainikpod taxi un Bengaluru.

Future with Nano EV?

Nano EV may come in a new look? ( img: India07)

Nano EV or Neo EV, whatever the name might be, the Indian middle class still have a dream, and the pain of the breaking of the dream though not as much as Mr. Ratan N. Tata himself.

The child that couldn’t see the sky that day on her father’s scooter might be reading or even writing this article today, who knows? And she might be waiting to book the first ever Tata Nano electric that might or might not be launched in her town. It doesn’t not matter now. Every Dreamer actually has a Tata Nano of her own and Every dream starts with the rolling of it’s wheels, as Broken Dreams are far more dearer to keep just in the middle of a place called Heart 💖.

The usual Tetra pack ( img: rediffmail)




Is Tata Nano still available?

Tata Nano is not available for sales any more. One can buy the car as second hand from the first hand owners. Tata Motors has discontinued making Tata Nano.

When was Tata Nano discontinued?

Tata Nano was discontinued by Tata Motors in 2018 – 19.

Is Tata Nano electric version available?

No, unfortunately Tata Nano electric version is yet not available for public.

What is the specifications of the Nano electric presented to Mr. Ratan Tata?

The kerb weight of the car: 800 kg.

The top Speed: 110 kmph.

The range: About 160 km in a single charge.

Doors: 4 doors.

Seating Capacity: 4 seater.

What is the speculated price of Tata Nano electric?

The price is expected to be around 5 lakhs.

When will be Tata Nano electric launched?

To be honest, there is no surety of the launch of Tata Nano electric but if it is launched , We can see it not before than 2025.

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