Mayday, Mayday:

Several incidents of Electric scooter fire reported

One after one electric scooters are on fire. Even people are dead in some of the incidents of fire causing from EV batteries. Two Wheelers from 6 EV companies have been involved in more than one incidents of fire. In this scenario Are People losing faith from the Electric two wheelers? Has the Government declared hault to launch any new Electric two wheeler in India? What is the rumour here and what is the fact? Let’s take a closer watch.

Mr. Minister said what?

Mr. Gadkari is serious about EV problems

Mr. Nitin Gadkari, the hon’ble union transport minister said that the government is aware of the recent Electric Two Wheeler Fire incidents and soon will be announcing a quality- centric guidelines for all the EV manufacturers. Any negligence will be highly penalised.

Mr. Gadkari said that the MoRTH ( Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) has organised an “Expert Committee” to enquire into the incidents and necessary orders will be issued to the defaulter companies. ” Companies may take advance action to o Recall all defective vehicles immediately…”

Recall, Recall:

Electric Two Wheeler company PURE EV reportedly recalled around 2000 (Two thousand) two wheelers. Famous E scooter manufacturer OLA Electric has recalled around 1500 (One thousand and five hundred) scooters to ” go through thorough diagonistics across all battery systems, thermal systems as well as safety systems”. Another famous manufacturer OKINAWA also is recalling around 3200 (Three thousand and Two hundred )scooters to ” fix any issue related to battery”, which will be thoroughly “checked for loose connectors or any damage”

The Road Ministry:

In this scenario rumours spread over that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has declared a ban on launching any more new model of EVs, specially two wheelers further in the year 2022.

But the ministry confirmed the news as a FAKE NEWS .

Tweet by MoRTH India

As India Government is aimed to convert about 30% of all its vehicle on roads to EV by the year 2030; any ban on new launch of EVs will be a very discouraging step to the EV companies. It might in turn would be a hard blow to the development of the EVs in the beginning of a transition phase though which the whole world is going now for future sustainability. The government must not take any such step that would further negatively intensify the situation of belief that people are growing towards Electric Vehicles. It’s a welcome move by the Transport ministry that confirms it’s stance.

Confirmation by the government about the ban order as fake

People, Mango People:

People are still in confusion regarding EV shift

People who are planning to buy electric two wheelers( read scooters) are mostly voting for wait and see after the fire incidents. Most of the people who have done thorough research or have booked some of their favourite models ,are in utter bafflement. Mr. Jeevan Agarwal, who runs a pharmacy in my town has postponed his plan of buying a electric scooter and decided to buy a conventional ICE scooter. One of my friend who had already paid an amount for a famous E-Scooter is demanding it back. But as I talked to about fifteen people personally and about twenty over the phone, mostly believe that Electric Scooters are the demand of Time and Future but it is the companies that are using cheap imported batteries to make the cost low of their vehicles. All of them are in unison about one thing, that the price of life is far more than the price of vehicle and they would never mind paying extra price for safety for high quality batteries in Electric Two wheelers.

Now until the practice of BATTERY SWAPPING becomes regular in the country, People seems to be living in fear while charging their Electric Two wheelers at home.

EV Battery Safety Tips :

Take Care of Your EV battery

People who already owns electric two wheelers must take precaution of overheating of batteries. Some tips You can follow :

Firstly, DON’T Charge Your EV battery just after You start off Your vehicle. Let Your vehicle and the battery cool down a bit .

Secondly, DON’T Charge Your EV battery in the room You live . A separate sector of Your house should be provided for it that has exclusive Circuit Breakers attached with the charging line.

Thirdly, put a temperature rise check attached with the EV battery while charging. If temperature rises suddenly,stop charging and contact the company.

Fourthly, DON’T Keep Your E Scooter under the direct heat of the Sun in the summer.

Fifthly, If You smell bad odour of burning while charging Your battery, Stop the Charging immediately and CALL the Company.

Sixthly, DON’T Start Your bike immediately if the two wheeler is under the sun for a long time. Put it in a shade and cool down a bit before start.

Seventhly, GET RID of old batteries if they seem to be worn out or not holding charge for a long time or providing a too short range.

Lithium ion batteries need special care


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