Hero Electric Fire Alarm:

HEROelectric takes a real smart move

HERO electric,the greatest manufacturer of electric two wheelers in India is coming with a fire alarm system as a solution of Battery overheating and catching fire. The device is unique with Fire Caution and Alarm System, as declared by the company. The proposed device, as it seems , is the need of the time, as some of the famous two wheelers have recently burst or caught fire mainly due the overheated batteries inside them.

Hope for Riders:

Electric scooters catching fire are seen often

The viral videos of Electric two wheelers catching fire have obviously shocked people all over the country.The two wheeler making companies are also deeply brooding over the problem of battery overheating and catching fire in the middle of the street. The safety and reliability of the electric two wheelers must have been questioned and the advancement of Faster Adoption of Electric Vehicles might be at a pause. Just at this moment, the declaration of Hero Electric about their upcoming fire alarm system will give the Electric bike riders a fresh air of hope, without any doubt.

HERO electric Device:

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The preventive fire alarm system is a device with three levels of alarm that would caution the rider if the battery goes overheated and the battery temperature crosses the safety limit. The device is designed and innovated by a Canadian startup named MAKERMAX, that works in the EV battery safety sector. The device can be attached on top of the battery box of the vehicle and the rider will be free of worry about the battery temperature rise.

According to the CEO of Hero Electric, Mr. Sohinder Gill, Hero Electric will soon begin the mass manufacturing of the device.He said “we are testing the prototype and should be ready to offer it to our customers or to any other manufacturers who want to use it on their scooters in a month or so”. It is expected that the device will be available before July, 2022 to be attached on the electric bikes.

HERO electric EV Confidence:

Electric scooter riders must be worry free

Mr. Sohinder Gill, the HEROelectric CEO also said that their initiative to introduce this fire alarm system in Indian two wheelers, is to build another level of confidence among the EV users and it should not be seen as just “Hero electric product” but rather a “category product”. He added “Our battery chemistry is safe, we have no incidents. This initiative is more from the market leadership position. It’s more relevant for manufacturers who have volatile battery chemistry who can use the device for the interim period. By the time they change the chemistry, it would take them six to eight months”

The managing director of HEROelectric, Mr. Naveen Munjal also gave importance on the customer awareness about the EV batteries installed inside their vehicles. He said “Indian conditions are difficult for batteries and they are subject to extreme conditions on the roads. We need to take adequate precautions and measures to ensure the batteries can cope with the rigours of our roads and the conditions they are subject to”. He added ” We are also installing an additional safety sensor in the battery”.

The Three Alarm System:

The preventive device is actually a thermal sensor with an alarm system that can be operated on a self powered button cell. There will be Three Level of Alarms which will ring according to the various level of temperature rising. The ringing of the alarms will make the rider aware and cautious about the temperature of their EV battery and so provide them ample time to take preventive measures.

Problem and Solution:

Lithium-ion batteries are more prone to overheating

But will the Fire Alarm System is a solution to the problem of recurrent EV battery fire?

Of course not, because the root problem is the EV batteries ,specially the Lithium-ion batteries that are prone to chemical reaction leading in sudden rising of temperature. Though the cause of the battery fires are still to be known, it is suspected that owing to cut off the high price of the sophisticated Lithium-ion batteries, the manufacturers rely on batteries procured by makers from other countries that are not tested in Indian conditions.

There should be a more strengthened battery administration system and a transparent partnership between the battery makers and the battery administration authority all over. However, the manufacturing of EV batteries in India is still at its initial phase. The more we will make our own batteries, the more safer situations we will provide to the Electric two wheeler riders.

EVs in India are at budding phase (image courtesy: education.com)

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