Avinya means innovation

Tata Motors New Concept EV

Tata Motors EV division TPEM ( TATA Passengers Electric Mobility) has again stunned the fans and critics alike with launching of it’s new EV concept yesterday on 29th April after a few days of launching concept CURVV. The new concept car is named as TATA AVINYA.

Watch the launch video by Tata Motors.

TATA Pure EV Concept:

The Avinya design is headed by Mr. Uhlarik

The Chairman’s note:

Mr. N.Chandrasekharan says of paradigm shift in cars

The Tata Group Chairman N. Chandrasekaran in his greeting note emphasized about the new mobility solution needed by the world that is sustainable. He conveys the passion of Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover’s effort to achieve Future Focussed Mobility Solutions. He assured that Tata will do all the necessary strategic investments to achieve this.

Mr. Chandrasekaran said that the future of mobility is softwares that will connect Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and Machine Learning that will seamlessly connect the home and the workplace with the car. Though the vision of the government is that 30% of all the cars on the Indian roads will be EVs by 2030, Tata’s vision extends beyond India. He also emphasizes on paradigm shift in the concept of future cars.

Introduced by Managing Director:

Mr. Sailesh Chandra asserts on empathetic mobility

According to Mr. Sailesh chandra, the Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and TPEM (Tata Passenger Electric Mobility); the society today is aiming on decluttering and holistic wellbeing at home. Why should not this experience be extended during travels? Technology must enable Future cars to be simple and homely inside where the travelling experience will be soothing and rejuvenating. He asserted on the concept of Empathetic Mobility.

Tata Motor Gen-3 architecture:

The IN of Avinya stands for India

Tata Motor’s Gen-1 electric cars like Tata Nexon EV and Tigor EV are based on daily commuting experience that creates Positive Carbon Footprint. These are termed as Conversion EVs. They are aimed to help people change ICE to EVs with a minimum cost possible.

Nexon EV is based on Gen-1 concept

The Gen- 2 cars like concept Curvv are based on the key pillars of Range, Performance and Charging while retaining the attributes of Safety, Reliability and Comfort.They are aimed to make electric adaptability easier, especially to tackle the problem of range anxiety.

Curvv EV is a concept of Gen-2 EV

Now Tata Motor is proud to introduce their Gen-3 architecture of Pure EV concept, the Avinya, a new breed that will redefine automobile. It is aimed to give all the degrees of freedom that a human being needs as a passenger in an EV. Tata is committed to provide the range in their Gen-3 EVs a worry free range beyond 500 kms. With new age technology,software and AI, the Gen-3 cars will be more human centric, aimed to deliver wellness and tranquility during the journey.

Tata Pure EV Architecture:

The Pure EV architecture powered car

Tata Motor’s Pure EV concept is a unique combination of Flexible designs, increasing roominess and comfort for the boarders with next gen. connectivity and voice assisted driving system. It offers high structural safety and ingress protection.

The Pure EV architecture of Tata is ready for any global condition including the highly demanding Indian roads. The Pure EV concept is aimed at wellness and rejuvenation while travelling backed by cutting edge technology. The new space and experience inside the vehicle will enhance the overall quality of life.

Avinya by Tata Motors:

Avinya ,Elegant and Simple yet Stunning

In Sanskrit Avinya means innovation. Avinya, according to Tata Motor’s, celebrates Indian roots. It intergrates space, rejuvenation and technology in personal mobility.

According to Mr. Martin Uhlarik, the head of design, Tata Motors, Avinya in itself is a class. Inspired by the timeless design of the catamaran, the new car has essence of a premium hatchback, the functionality of an MPV and the crossover appeal of an SUV.

Tata Avinya Exterior:

The DRL is the logo now

A completely new car silhouette. At a first glance, the sleek nose of the front immediately rises to the windscreen giving the front a long,elegant and beautiful proportion.

The front DRL strip extending to the width of the vehicle ending with the headlights is quite similar to the red strip at back also that end with the backlights. They symbolise a unique Tata Gen-3 identity of spaciousness and also the endless possibilities of the horizon and the freedom that Avinya interprets.The TATA logo in Avinya thus finds a new expression both at the front and the back.

The back LED is the Tata logo

The body side is giving the experience of simplicity and the graphic features in the lights show it’s state of the art technological prowess of Tata.

The butterfly doors that both open at the middle welcomes both the driver and the passengers in a calm and reassured journey, wherever You go.

Tata Avinya Interiors:

Butterfly door without B pillar adds space

The footprint of the vehicle is maximised through extending the front wheels and the back wheels to maximum possible edge and it provides a class leading space inside.The massive sunroof termed as Skydome lets the natural light to pass in freely.

The dashboard is kept outstandingly simple with minimum disturbance to the front view and to create a stress free atmosphere. The car is made screenless, to bar any distraction in the sensory experience inside the car. The driving wheel includes the interactive control of the car at the centre. The front and back seats are set to convey the sense of infinite space inside. The passengers and the drivers are given freedom to interact with the voice activated car control seperately.The interior is made by fully sustainable materials to match the EV theme.

Avinya has simple dashboard

Drawing inspiration from the human sensory cues, the inside of the car has in built aroma diffuser to give a calm, rejuvenating experience. According to the company ” the car promises a sensory journey of it’s own.” The driver seat and the front seat are swivel seats that add more freedom. The room inside gives a sense of freedom, the theme on which Tata Avinya is built on, Freedom from boredom of journey, freedom from claustrophobic interior of cars, freedom from binding range and freedom form the dependency of fossil fuel, a Freedom for sustainability that the Future mobility truely needs.

Tata Avinya Range:

Tata Motors declares that Avinya will have a high capacity battery that can power a real range of far more than 500 kms with having capability of ultra fast charging of providing a minimum of 500 kms range in just 30 minutes of charge.” The overall philosophy for enhanced range would be ‘Minimize- Maximize – Optimize’.”

Tata Avinya on Road:

Avinya is expected to be on road by 2025

Tata has only launched the concept version of Avinya as of now. The Gen-2 Curve seems to be launching first in a couple of years and then Gen-3 will be produced for market ready version. It will take time as India is not yet ready for a complete transition and Avinya is totally a new concept in mobility. So Time ,it will take. But one thing for sure, Tata Avinya has proven Tata Motor to be the future leader of electric mobility, not only in India, but also as a global leader giving tough competition to Tesla and other international players. There should be no doubt about it.

Avinya is inspired by catamaran. (image courtesy:unsplash)

To know more about AVINYA Visit Tata Motors site by clicking here

( information and images courtesy: TPEM )

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