Introducing the 4th poem of Sustainability series titled as Nest. Our nest is our home and Our Home is Our little planet. It holds all our history, culture, struggle, hopes, failures and beyond all these, our future, our children and their future. Our Nest, Our Mother.

The Sustainability Series

Hey, Love and Respect to Each and Everyone individually from the core of my heart. Let me read You my sustainability series poem, if You’ve not read already. The first one was Patience, then Love, then Animals and the fourth Poem is the poem of today, Nest. Hope You’ll love it.

mother feeds the babies to let them grow (img courtesy: adobe stock)

Poem 4: Nest

Our nest is lying on an unseen branch

Hanging from nowhere.

Oh, Do You feel it ever?

How it swirls with the wind yet keeps us safe !

How it nourishes itself from our love and care to one another!

O’ Mother Nest,

Do keep us warm in dreary winter,

And give us shade from the heat in Summer,

O’ Mother Nest,

Feed us in hunger as We can’t make our food,

And quench us in thirst as we can’t make water.

You’ve taken care of our ancestors and their offsprings,

You have rooted us to Yourself from the time immemorial,

You’ve known all our virtues and shames,

You are the protector beyond all gods,

O, Mother Nest, listen to our prayers,

Shower us rain for the next harvest,

Bless us seed for our offsprings and theirs.

Keep us safe as always You’ve done,

Forgiving our abuses to You.

All the misdeeds we have done unwittingly,

All that ever we’ve done in darkness,

We swear SHAME and SHAME and SHAME.

For without a mother how can the children grow?

Look , our nest is hanging from nowhere,

How much care we need to keep us safe!!

We have to save our nest by all means possible (img courtesy: )

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