This is the 5th poem of sustainability series named Egg. Egg has been a very important element in our anthropological and evolutionary journey. Many different cultures have stories of egg comparing with the life cycle in our earth. Think the world without egg!

The journey of mother Nature is magical

The Sustainability Series:

Hey, Deep Love and Respect to Each and Every reader individually from the core of my heart. I have planned to write a few poems in series with the First letters of each poem combining a surprise term. Let me read You my sustainability series poems, if You’ve not read already. The first one was Patience, then Love, then Animals, Nest  and the fifth Poem is the poem of today, Egg . Hope You’ll love it.

We have to protect ourselves, our egg is in danger ( img: dreamstime)

Poem 5 : Egg

This egg is given to me

To preserve, create and to grow;

Though the life will not know,

How much blood clots to be an egg?

The nest has blown away in storms,

And the branches have broken, Oh!

Will the life then ever know

How much life goes to keep an egg?

The scorching sun, the lightning clouds,

Whispering forests and chuckling rivers,

Doubted and doubted if ever I could

put the warmth right to life my egg?

How the days and the nights starve,

All the seasons be my foes

No, the life in my womb will never know,

How much love it takes to be an egg?

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