LML E-Hyperbike:

LML is celebrating 50th anniversary on 29th Sep

Indian automobile brand LML ( formerly Lohia Machinereries Ltd.) that produced world famous for LML Freedom motorcycle is launching their electric avatars soon in the Indian roads and is planning to launch first a electric LML e- Hyberbike conditioned for Indian roads for Indian riders soon in the September.

LML Electric Two Wheelers:

LML Electric is soon going to launch three two wheelers which will be ‘disruptive product for the upper middle and urban segments of the society ‘ according to the MD and CEO of LML Electric, Mr. Yogesh Bhatia. Most probably, LML E- hyperbike will be the first of the line up by which LML will storm into their comeback. This hybrid of bicycle and motorcycle is quite unique and is going to suprise the Indian public for sure as LML electric expects.


German made eRockit is a strong urban commuter

As LML has gone into a partnership with eROCKIT Systems GmbH, Germany along with other partners and it is speculated that LML e-hyperbike will be an Indian version of the famous eROCKIT light electric motorcycle that can be also operated as a bicycle in case of emergency. It is the first pedal controlled electric motorcycle, also called as Human Hybrid.

This futuristic two wheeler is truely fit for the modern urban commuting crowd. As explained by Mr. Andreas Zurwehme, the managing director of the eROCKIT Systems GmbH about the bike “We have set ourselves the goal of building the most interesting and the best electric motorcycle of the future,” The German company will provide the core technological support for LML E-Hyperbike.

Indian Product for India:

LML has collaborated with eROCKIT

But it is a question if LML will be launching a German product only with it’s brand name? To this doubt the MD and CEO reveals that LML electric is an engineering intensive brand and is never intended to put their logo on others’ products. LML products will be fully engineered as well as manufactured in India and are suited for Indian conditions. They will be 100 percent Made in India products and e-hyperbike will be no exceptional. Only the technological support from others will be taken as global experience can never be ignored in this age of urbanisation and globalisation.


LML E- Hyperbike on Roads:

New LML bikes will be seen soon on roads

When will we see LML e-hyberbike on Indian roads?

LML Electric is going to launch their electric champions probably on 29th September,2022 ,which is the date of their 50th anniversary. Specific details have not been disclosed by the company making it a great surprise for LML fans.

What will be the price of LML e-hyperbike?

Not specified.The price of eROCKIT is about ₹ 9.88 lakh ( Euro €11850). But for Indian customers LML will price their e-hyberbike reasonably.

What will be the range of LML e-hyperbike?

Not specified but the German eROCKIT on which e-hyberbike is based gives a max. 120 kms of range on a single charge.LML e- Hyperbike is expected to close that range.

What will be the Top Speed of LML e-hyperbike?

Not specified but the German eROCKIT on which e-hyberbike is based gives a Top Speed of max 89 kmph.LML E-Hyperbike is going to be as close as that top Speed.

LML Superbike:

LML expects to storm India again

Will the new E- Hyperbike be the Superbike for the phoenix like rising of LML again rushing on the Indian roads? That we can hopefully expect for. But according to LML CEO Mr. Bhatia ” With this new jewel in LML’s crown, the technology strength, manufacturing prowess, and disruptive consumer experience that we stand committed to offering, will get a new dimension altogether, besides meeting the high level of expectations of our primary as well as secondary TG. This will be irresistible for the millennials too, who probably don’t have any experience of LML other than hearing stories of LML’s “ahead of time” products from their parents until now. LML’s pace of progress is truly beating our expectations and we can’t be any more satisfied as this is no small achievement by any yardstick,”

TO know more about the German eROCKIT Follow the link: https://www.erockit.de/en/home-2/

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