The sixth poem of sustainability series celebrates time and is named the same. It is the time that has built us and our mother earth. All the animals and the plants in the universe, all that are living and dying. Time controls all that the humans think they are controlling.

The Sustainability Series:

Dear Readers, Love and Respect to You all. Welcome to read the Sustainability series Poem , if You’ve not read already where the First letters of each poem combines a surprise term. All these of my poems are dedicated to sustainable living to protect our future by protecting the balance of the earth where each and every animals and plants deserve the same respect and value. The first one was Patience, then Love, then AnimalsNest  and Egg . The sixth Poem is the poem of today, Time. Hope You’ll enjoy reading it.

Time in Salvador Dali’s painting The persistence of memory. ( img: Pixels)

Poem 6: Time

Time is a child

Queer and cruel

Never think of others

But remembers Your deed .

And when it’s strong

Take You in the ring .

No, not to fight

But only to show You

How old and how weak You are .

Also laden with your old deeds

You feel helpless and think

If You’ve done the otherwise .

But never get that chance .

Time never understands

How badly You need the Air to breathe

or Water to drink .

As Time can survive even without those.


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