The Seventh poem of the Sustainability Series is named Eternity. The term encompasses motley meanings and surprisingly it can also mean sustainability as whatever is eternal is sustainable.

Is the Universe eternal!! (Img by Kristopher Roller from taken from Unsplash)

The Sustainability series:

Loving Readers, Love and Respect from my heart’s core. Welcome to read the Sustainability series Poem, a tiny poetic journey dedicated to sustainable living to say about protecting our future by protecting the balance of the earth where each and every animals and plants deserve the same respect and value. The first one was Patience, then Love, then Animals, Nest and Egg . The sixth Poem was Time and the seventh is the poem of today, Eternity. Hope You’ll enjoy the poems and comment whether You like them or dislike them .

Poem 7: Eternity

Yo Life, Who’s seen You born the first day?

Who’s felt the first flick of light on eyes?

And love, who’s felt the first bout of knock

In the first mother’s womb.

Eternal is the time since I kept You waiting,

O mother, to say that I really care for You.

If it’s even not for You, but for me also.

Eternal is the wheel that keeps flowing

In this eternal space where meanings are lost

And remains only silence.

Eternal is the pain that wrenches and disfigures

my shadow over and again like a hollow smoky ghost,

I lose my existence, my eternity.

That I am the child of this eternal rain and grass.

That I am the child of this eternal sun and earth.

I am child of my mother earth

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