According to Swami Vivekananda, there are three characteristics of Truth. If somebody is in search of Truth ,one must weigh Truth with the three basic conditions, Truth is strong, Truth is selfless and Truth unites. Those who love sustainability, love Truth and care about it.

Sustainability is Truth
Sustainability is being true to oneself (image courtesy: renewal Christian centre)

The Sustainability Series:

Loving Readers, Love and Respect to all of You from the deepest core of my soul. I welcome You to read my Sustainability series Poem , if You’ve not read already where the First letters of each poem combines a surprise term. My tiny poetic journey to dedicate sustainable way of life has reached on it’s 10th step today. I have maintained my life and my poems in a same balance, living a life in this ultramodern world and trying to be sustainable in acts and words. If You’ve not read the earlier poems of the series, let me introduce them. The first one was Patience, then Love, then AnimalsNest  and Egg . The sixth poem was Time ,the Seventh Eternity and the eighth poem is And . We have the 9th poem of the series named River. Today is the 10th, and it is all named and about Truth.

Jesus choose the Truth
Truth makes one feel united with the universe ( img: Unsplash)

Sustainability Poem: Truth

Truth is bitter, says people

Truth haunts, a proverb says,

Truth takes You in awe, once my father told me,

But what I felt about Truth is it’s strength,

It never lets You down , to be weak ever,

It never puts You into questions You can’t answer.

Truth winks at it’s selflessness,

at its generality,

It’s so simple that You can teach it to everyone

And practice without making it a habit,

Truth pains, it cuts, it shocks,

But it never lets You down

It’ll never let You down.

Truth knows that there lies a horizon

that lures You and will lure forever,

So Truth gives You a sky to dream,

And an Earth to stand firm.

Truth makes You strong to stay in Truth

To be True within Yourself,

To be the child of this True Earth.

Gotama Buddha and Truth
Gotama Buddha chose to seek Truth and found it.

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