The Ganga river basin (image: mindsumo)

The river flows with life and for life. It washes away the dirt,germs and desperation. Let’s bathe in a river close to the mountains and swear to help maintain a sustainable living for a sustainable planet.

The Sustainability Series:

Hey Readers, Love and Respect to all of You from the deepest core of my soul. Welcome to read the Sustainability series Poem , if You’ve not read already where the First letters of each poem combines a surprise term. My tiny poetic journey to dedicate sustainable living has reached on it’s 9th step. I have maintained my life and my poems in a same balance and trying hard. If You’ve not read the earlier poems of the series, let me introduce. The first one was Patience, then Love, then AnimalsNest  and Egg . The sixth poem was Time ,the Seventh Eternity and the eighth poem is And . Today we have to the 9th poem of the series named River.

The river Mississippi ( image: istockphotos)

Sustainablility Poem: River

The River had a hundred thousand voices

It’s Your fault that You’ve no ears

And no eyes even to observe people

Who don’t have hearts to feel the thunder of rain.

The River never cried but died a glorious death,

Only to suffer us, all the animals and the plants

who are to suffer hell and scorching on the dry banks.

The River had carried all of us here

To grow and thrive, to love and to breed.

The villages on the shore and the small towns.

The mills and the farms.

The River had set up a civilization and nourished,

Just like a mother with her sweet milk nourishes life.

But see O Oceanus, O Varuna, god of water, sweet water,

We have changed your sweetness into a bitter fruit

that bears bitter, horrible seeds of hunger and greed.

That kills our own sisters and brothers,

plants and animals and fellow humans for no real reason.

Save us this time and we promise to change,

Wash our bitterness and make us Your children again.

We promise to be as patience and pure as a river.

The river Rhine ( image:

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